Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Raise your hand if you LOVE bunnies!!

(Are your hands in the air? I thought so.)

Yesterday, Zoe got mail.

This particular mail was from Her friend, Derby, who lives with the Very Cool Carly (a.k.a Ketzirah, a Priestess, M’agelet, Artist, and Guide--check out her amazing site!) and Art (An extremely talented Woodworker and Furniture maker-- check out his site, too!!) Derby is also an Urban Rabbit who (obviously) enjoys the Finer Things in Life. He and Zoe have much in common as you can imagine.

Miss Zoe gets quite excitable when mail comes for Her. When I saw the postcard with her name on it, I ran up the stairs and yelled out to the Blisschick: "MailmanRickcameandMissZoegotmail!!!!"

Just like that. All in one word.

Miss Zoe, intrigued by the ruckus, hopped to the gate. She looked from side to side. Then, she hopped back to her Chalet.

One doesn't want to let on that excitement is being experienced. Especially if One is a Rabbit.

Please, let me now unfold for you the Anatomy of Rabbit Excitement:

The Snub:
It says, "I don't see that.
And, if I do, I am totally uninterested."

The Sniff:
It says, "This doesn't look edible.
But, just in case..."

The Roll:
It says, "YAY!! Derby wrote, and
I just can't contain myself."
(Sorry about the blur. Action shot, you know.)

The Cool Recovery:
It says, "Excitement? I know
not of what you speak.
Silly human!"

and finally

The Ignore:
It says...well... I think you know what it says.

And, there you have it. For those of you who aren't too familiar with Rabbits, I hope you found this primer to be a helpful one.

For those of you already familiar with Rabbits, I hope this reminds you, simply, of your Insignificance.

Thanks again to the Very Handsome Derby for making Miss Zoe ROLL!!!


Emma said...

Thank you for this fun primer! :)

Derby said...

I approve of this post!