Monday, August 17, 2009


This weekend was our city's annual festival to Celebrate Itself-- CelebrateErie!

Zoe is now convinced that there should be an annual, or even weekly, festival to Celebrate Herself--

I think that might already exist.

"A Rabbit deserves a Festival in My Opinion!"

Anyhow, we went down to the fest yesterday to see the sights and to hear a little music, so we thought we'd share some pictures.

First, a few shots of some of the ChalkWalk art pieces. Local businesses sponsor artists to draw awesome chalk renderings of all kinds of scenes right on our main street. If it doesn't rain, you can sometimes see these drawings for weeks after! Here's a few of our favorites:

And second, I shared a video about two weeks ago of a guy dancing at the Jazz and Blues Fest, and in that post, I said that usually, he is dressed in more of a suit and playing the trumpet. Here is that guy in his alternate outfit:

If you haven't watched the video of him dancing, it is certainly worth your time. Zoe has watched it more than once.

After doing some strolling, we plopped down at a table in the park to fan ourselves and listen to the Heliotropes play in the park's gazebo, while we munched on some artichoke dip from one of our local restaurants.

It was approximately 1,000,000 degrees with matching humidity.

As we sat there fading away, I kept thinking of Miss Zoe, back at home in her Air Conditioned Rabbit Room. She was resting comfortably, far, far away from the noisy crowds. What a good Rabbit.

We didn't stick around after the music was over. The main Sunday night act was Country Music, which is something neither the Blisschick nor I are particularly fond of. On Saturday night, it was Three Dog Night, which we had planned on going to see, due to the fact that the Blisschick loves their song Joy to the World, or the Bullfrog Song, as we call it, because it reminds her of being little.

But then, somehow the Cats and the Rabbit talked us into staying home that night.

I wonder how that kind of thing happens?

It can't be that we are under Their Control!

It can't be!!


Jennifer Hugon said...

Oh WOW! Those chalk drawing are amazing. How fun!

Emma said... couldn't be that...

Totally not that...

So, do you every do chalk drawings?