Friday, August 7, 2009

Flip Friday

Zoe can't even believe this.

It's Friday, (that is Flip Friday) and there' Video.

OK. Wait. Don't pick up that rotten tomato yet-- PLEASE!! Put it down!

Miss Zoe is The Star. We all know that. Everyone is clear.

But, there's lots of other animals in the house, plus other things that go on outside of the house. Though it seems impossible, it's true!

So, we (yes, I'm including Miss Zoe in that "We," though she's not sure she wants to be included) have 3 videos for you today.

The first, as I promised on Wednesday, is a short, very short, too short clip of the Heliotropes from my most recent viewing on the Steps of our beautiful Erie Art Museum. This clip stars Katie Chriest and Sheldon Peterson singing the original Heliotrope song, "Instead of Wrong." I wasn't planning on filming, and then I decided to, so it's not a terribly good clip, but it gives an idea of Katie's voice and Sheldon's guitaring. Awesome!!

Visit the Heliotropes' myspace page for more music and upcoming show dates!

Next up are two videos taken by the Blisschick!!

The first is one of a Guy Dancing at Erie's Jazz and Blues Fest, which we attended last weekend. You can't really see his outfit too terribly well, but you can surely see his clunky, gold bike helmet. And the juxtaposition of the formal Mickey Mouse vest with the basketball shorts is nothing but genius. At the point in the video in which he spreads his arms wide (wait for it!) you'll see that he holds a giant ice cream cone in one hand and a Tootsie Pop in the other. This guy's got a lot going on. Most nice days in the Summer, you can catch this same guy in a three piece suit playing the trumpet somewhere in the downtown area. You may want to watch this one more than once. I've watched it many times, and it never seems to get old!

And last, but Most Importantly, is a short clip of Miss Rosie and Miss Lilly, doing whatever it is Cats do when I'm not home and the Blisschick is filming them.

Up next week? MISS ZOE, of course. She won't let me go 2 weeks in a row. No Way!!


zipdang22 said...

Love Katie...and the Heliotropes

And find trumpet-man absolutely fascinating. One of my favorite sites on my lunchtime walks downtown...well, him and the crossdressing crazy guy that hangs out at L.Press.

(Wait...actually, the guy at L.Press just scares me. I always turn when I see him. I just don't want to be the woman walking by when he decides someone needs to die).

Emma said...

This guy has combined dancing and eating ice cream! Genius!

Kavindra said...

I had a comment, but when I saw Emma's, I started laughing so hard I forgot it!

Oh yeah, I don't think I've ever seen Miss Rosie before. I am madly in love! She looks just like my little beloved TC, RIP. (I wonder if she is a bossy tyrant to the other cats like he was...)

As far as the man in the gold helmet ... you guys rock for finding him interesting and fun. After living in Berkeley, and walking thru the Tenderloin ... I just move away when I see a man in a gold helmet now. Sigh. Sad that I'm so jaded.

Emiline said...

Very cute animals - kick ass zucchini - so glad I found both your blogs!