Friday, August 21, 2009

Flip Friday

Is it Friday already?

Miss Zoe has been a little dismayed not to have been the star of all the movies on the most recent Flip Fridays.

We have featured Guy Dancing at Jazz and Blues Fest.

We have featured our new fave band, the Heliotropes.

We have even featured Zoe's own Beautiful Cats.

All good stuff, I think. Entertainment.

"The thing is," she said to me as we were meeting to plan this week's cinematic features, "I thought this was Ordinary Enchantment, Starring Special Guest, Miss Zoe. The Rabbit. You know-- ME."

I gave this some thought. I got Zoe's brush down off the Red Cabinet and began to brush Her slowly. I took off enough fur to make a new Rabbit, and then I stopped. She sat quietly, eyes closed. But I could feel the pressure of Her Stare, nonetheless.

"So, what were You thinking?" I asked.

I know. I'm bad. But she sets herself up for this kind of teasing. She really does.

She sat up and began to wash Her Ears slowly. The left Ear. The right Ear.

I waited patiently.

Without looking at me, she sighed. "I think you know what I mean."

She hopped to the hay, took a long, stiff drink from Her Critter Canteen, and then squiggeed Her extremely cute self down into the soft, edible Nest.

She made her point. She has a way of doing that quite effectively.

So, feature #1 is for our friend Marnie, who has a Rabbit named Penny, who loves figs. She gave me one the other day when I saw her at the Whole Foods Coop. They are Penny's favorite thing. What did Little Zoe think of fig? Watch and see:

And second, after a little fig, Miss Zoe needed a palette cleanse. Willow Ball pieces always fit that bill:

So, it looks like Miss Zoe got Her way. Aren't you glad?

I thought so.


Emma said...

Ahhhh, my eyes feel soothed. :)

I guess Zoe is not joining the Fig Fan Club... :)

Kavindra said...

Too chewy! Sticking to the roof of my mouth! Quick, a willow ball!!!

cream_city_chick-A-DEE said...

That fig is too much like peanut butter! Scary! But Miss Zoe, true star that she is, maintains her dignity in front of the camera ... you rock, Miss Zoe!

mrsb said...

A blog with bunnies and cats? And weird cats? I'm in love!