Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Day in Pictures

It's been a hectic day. Sometimes that happens.

I'm finally getting around to writing this post, and it's already after 5PM.

You see, last night, Zoe and I agreed that she would be in charge of writing today.

But then, she didn't quite get around to it. I asked her what came up, and all she would say is this: "Something Super Important."

I have no idea what that means, do you?

Well, no matter. I understand that she is Super Important and has Super Important Stuff.

Super, Super Important, even.

OK, so what I thought I would do is illustrate my day in photos.

First, I went to work. But on my lunch hour, I walked a couple of blocks up the hill on State Street to the Erie Art Museum. On the stairs for a lunchtime concert were 2 Heliotropes (in case you've missed out on my last couple of mentions of the Heliotropes-- there's usually 4 or 5--, they are my new favorite band. And, they are LOCAL ERIE-ITES!! Even Better!!):

2 Heliotropes jamming in the sunshine!
(A short video of them will surface for Flip Friday!! Stay tuned!!)

After a lovely bike ride home, my parents stopped by to drop off my most excellent kayak, The Loon:

The Loooooooooooooon!!!!

And, now, after I write this, it will be time for a little painting before dinner. The Blisschick is downstairs dancing (like a loon!) and Miss Zoe and I will do a little painting. We're working on a bit of a portrait of....well...someone:

Our cat will probably visit, too:

And lastly, Miss Zoe would like to reveal to you, her Loyal Followers, a wee glimpse into what she calls her Super Important Stuff.

Turns out, it is this:




Well, I guess that is Super Important. Therefore, we will excuse Miss Zoe from her writing assignment. Clearly, I should do my own work, yes?



Librarian Lee said...

hahahahaha that was great! Thanks!

Kavindra said...

I'm breathlessly waiting to find out WHO that portrait is of! ;)

And Miss Lilly is getting so big.

Do Miss Zoe and Miss Lilly ever roll together?

Lisa said...

Ha, ha!

What fun!

Hooray for Heliotropes :-)

Art D. said...

Derby approves of the rolling - Summertime flopping is indeed super important stuff!