Friday, August 14, 2009

100th POST!!!

Today is my 100th post.

Sorry, OUR 100th post.

To celebrate that, I would like to talk about Something New.

Something Now.

Something Totally Happening.

I would like to talk to you about....Rabbits and Cats!!!

Surprised? Not as surprised as I was, let me tell you. :)

OK, so it may not be New, but it is Now and Happening. Admit it.

Seriously, today is Flip Friday, and Zoe and I have a couple of great movies to share. But before that, I want to rewind to last week's Flip Friday movies.

One of last week's Flip Friday movies starred our beautiful gray and white cat named Miss Rosie.

Miss Rosie will be 17 in September.

She has a meow that we call the Non-Apologetic Smoker Meow. In order to explain that, let your mind use this illustration: Picture your favorite diner. Now picture the 50-60 year old waitress who's worked there her entire life who's been smoking menthols since she was 10. See her, up in her room blowing smoke out the window when her parents weren't home?

She's been smoking since she was 10, remember. She likes it. She's never tried to quit. Doesn't want to. No apologies.

What would her meow sound like? Can you hear it?

That's Rosie's meow.

Anyhow, a couple of people made comments regarding Rosie's Great Beauty. So, to showcase that very thing, I took a few glamour shots of Miss Rosie to really show off her X-Treme Cute-osity. They are as follows:

What did I tell you?

To counter that, Miss Zoe would like to interject this and this:

It's always a Cat/ Rabbit, Rabbit Cat Struggle for Cuteness, is it not?

Well, without further delay, Zoe and I present to you two movies:


Emma said...

I extra-love today's videos! It's good to see the full assortment! Look at those kitties!

Zoe's nose cracks me up! (In a good way, Zoe!!) She has the most expressive nose I know.

Those photos of Rosie are lovely! I can definitely imagine her meow. :)



*dancing cats*

*dancing noses*

*glow sticks for all*

Kavindra said...

Congrats on hitting the big 100!

How are you going to celebrate?

100 dance steps?
100 nose twitches?
100 pieces of candy? (my favorite)
100 rolls across the carpets?

I'm with Emma, I love the full assortment of today's videos. Another new cat I have never seen ... (how many cats ARE there? How can Zoe keep discipline over this many cats?)

and seeing that Miss Emily really does get shaved ... it's somewhere between pitiful and funny to see.

and the talented, rhythmic, nose of Zoe...

wow, I gotta go lie down and rest now :)

Ty-Anna said...

congrats on the 100 and how do you do it? Surrounded by so much cuteness!

Jennifer Hugon said...

Congratulations on 100 posts!
I'm doing the happy dance!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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