Monday, October 26, 2009

Warning: Dancing Frog Ahead

It's something you don't see everyday.

A dancing frog, that is.

But, since the Chick is doing the YogaDance thing, who do you think needs to be the very first Pig of the Guinea Variety?

That's right. The Frog. In other words... ME!

Now, I am a Scotch-Irish Girl. I am a "let's drink too much and fight" kind of girl.

My hips don't shut the car door.

My ribs don't move separately from the rest of my body.

My neck doesn't move unless it's to shoot back a shot of something.

I am a white girl trapped in a white girl's body. I'm not smooth. I'm not fluid. There's nothing serpentine about me. In fact, I'm pretty darn choppy. Especially when compared to the Chick.

The Chick, on the other hand, is obviously filled with a gooey gel of some kind. When she was a baby being made in Heaven, God said to the Chick: "You don't belong in this bone line. You belong over there in the gooey gel line. Git!"


But that's OK. We had a great time anyhow. The music list we made absolutely rocked! And, since it was the very first run through, what ended up happening is that it turned into more of a planning session for the Chick, while I, the Frog of the non-dancing variety, ended up mostly sitting on the couchy taking notes and sipping a little of the homemade vino.

Sweet. That's more like it.

And Zoe? What was Zoe up to you ask?

She's not that much of a dancer either, but I think She enjoyed herself nonetheless. Watch here, as Miss Zoe Breaks It Down for you:

I mean, really. Just look at those killer moves!!

Doesn't it make you want to bust a move?

We thought it would.


Anonymous said...

Everyone's gotta start somewhere. I reckon its possible for everyone to learn to dance & feel comfortable. Even if they have bones instead of gooey gel.

I'm sure you'll do fine. :)

Emma said...

I'm still fanning myself after witnessing Zoe's performance. WOW. =O

I'm glad you're trying the dancey-stuff even those you don't feel gooey. :)

Linnea said...

Miss Zoe! Such rhythm!

I started out with bones. I'm mostly goo now (except for the hips. Gads). I have faith in you.

Jennifer Hugon said...

OMG, that tail.

That... fuzzy... adorable... TAIL!!! :D