Monday, October 5, 2009

Ode to the Lonely

It's heeee---re.

My week alone.

Without the Blisschick. No Blisschick. None. Nada. Zilch.

She is gonzo.


The Blisschick, as you probably know, is off to Yoga Dance Training at the Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts.

I've been trying hard to tell myself, "Self, this will be FUN!! You can think of it like a retreat of sorts. The house to yourself, the Mammals to yourself. Think of it as FUN!!"

It's not working. Not completely totally. Not yet.

Once I acclimate to the bizarro absence of the Chick, I'm pretty sure I will have an OK time of it. I have a whole list of projects to work on and things to do. That's not a problem.

Here's my list:

1. Pet cats
2. Play with cats
3. Write
4. Paint on some canvases (which I have to specify, due to #5)
5. Paint some walls-- the kitchen, the living room, a couple of doors, and also a table, and maybe some chairs. (Whew! #5 was a big one. I should have split that up!)
6. Read
7. Write a million emails to the Blisschick
8. Remember to feed myself

"Ahem....and, don't forget..."

Oh, right.

Miss Zoe.

There's no way I'll forget the Rabbit. Or, forget to feed the Rabbit, or forget to fluff the Rabbit's hay with fresh hay. Or, forget to snuggle the Rabbit. Or forget to play with the Rabbit. Nor will I forget to clean the Rabbit's Rabbit Box, give Her a banana chip each day before 7 AM, and Her salad every day before 2 PM.

The Rabbit gets her own separate and distinct list! An All-Rabbit-Related List.

Also due to #5, Wednesday will probably work out to be a bit of a before and after post.

Who doesn't LOVE before and after?!?

On Monday, before the painting prep begins, I will take a before kitchen movie. On Wednesday, I will take an after kitchen movie. It may be a later-in-the-day post, FYI. I have to wait until it's light to shoot the movie, after all.

FYI, Miss Zoe has not offered to help with any of the projects listed. The cats haven't offered, either, though Miss Lilly offered to "supervise" what ever that means.

Supervising? You call that supervising?

So, here I go into the abyss of Blisschicklessness. Wish me luck on my (lonely, lonely) journey.


Emma said...

You will make it through this week! But I totally understand why it's so weird and lonely. Todd has never been gone that long... =/

I'm looking forward to seeing the paint-magic you do.

I think Zoe's point is that she "helps" just by her existence. Helping with the actual work would only taint the perfection of what she already offering the world just by being. Could that be it?

I hope you have a good Monday!

Ann Marie said...

Listen to good music and know that we will really miss you at the library! Many blessings on your painting projects- Hannah

Anonymous said...

I bet once you get going and once Miss Zoe starts ordering you around (more than usual, just to be helpful), you'll find the week just flies by.

Well, I'll wish that for you. Not that the week flying by means you won't miss BC, but that you'll have so much to do and a harsh task mistress (aka Miss Zoe, backed up by Miss Lily) to ensure you stay on track that... you'll be so happy to see BC again just to get a break from the whip cracking rabbit! Haha!

Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

Had to come over here Marcy and offer my support to you too because it's hard being loney and chick-less, I get it.

Not only do you have such business to keep you mind occupied, and the mammals to spread your love around, but you clearly got a plethera of humour! Good on you, it's obviously coming in handy!

Here's to splattering and swashing to your heart's content with only one thing in mind: when she gonna get home and is that paint in my hair or do i need to visit BC's colorist??


Linnea said...

Oh, poor you (and LillyCat, who appears to miss BlissChick as well).

I sympathize. My husband was gone for training for two weeks once and it was ... *sigh*.

That said, I think the BlissChick is having so much fun she'll be more than living up to her name when she returns and once you get going on some of your blissmakers (painting?), you'll feel better, too.

Tomorrow's Wednesday already!

Lisa said...

My thoughts and best wishes are with you this week!

Hope you're faring well so far. Can't wait to see what creative projects spring forth as a result.

BTW, did you get the head's up that Brother Bear's coffee is $1.00 off per pound all this month? Hooray :-)