Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween is (Techinically) for... Cats

A Wise Rabbit is about to bestow
Her Wisdom Upon you.
Get ready.

As it comes up on the end of the week and Halloween approaches, Zoe was struck with the strangest realization:

Halloween is really, technically, kinda-sorta a Cat Holiday.

I know. It seems strange to consider, but think about it. With the exception of Zoe's and my Hallowbunnies, how many Halloween decorations have you seen recently with bunnies?

(Side note: This does not count Playboy Bunny costumes. Zoe does not consider those to be bunnies at all!)

You haven't seen signs featuring bunnies with arched backs standing on Jack-o-Lanterns, right?

Nor have you probably seen any freaky, scary bunny eyes glowing in the dark anywhere.


Cat Holiday.

So, with that in mind, Zoe decided that for today, she would like to feature Her Cats.

Over the weekend, we went with NeighborBill to our favorite local Country Market, Mason Farms, to get Pumpkins. While we were there, we also had some hot chocolate, and I was given 4 quarters to load up my hands with goat food to feed the goats with the Crazy Eyes. There were a couple llamas and a sheep standing by, too. They did not have Crazy Eyes.

Below, then, are pictures of the Pumpkins we chose in a photo shoot with Zoe's Cats:

Mr. F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Very Disinterested in Pumpkins.

Rosie the Cat.
Mildly interested, but more interested
in cleaning her bum,
which she did directly after this picture was shot.
Zoe liked this creepy,
ghost-like shot of Miss Lilly.
And now for plain old normal cute.
Well, and we had to throw this in, since Miss Emmie did no want her picture taken today. (Sorry to all you Miss Emmie fans.)

So, maybe it's not a Holiday just for cats after all.



Emma said...


This really gives a person a lot to ponder!

Mainly, I've come to the conclusion that we must incorporate rabbit imagery more fully into all holiday decorations!

P.S. I love the cars + pumpkins.

Anonymous said...

Well, speaking for myself, I absolutely LOVE my Hallow-bun/Witchy-bun. She rocks very much!

There should also be Christmas buns. Easter might be tough though, since there's already a different kind of Easter bun out there... and wait! An Easter bunny too. So that's two kinds.

So... what do rabbits do when Easter comes around anyway? ;)

Linnea said...

Miss Zoe is by far the most adorable. (Don't tell LillyCat. I feel as if I'm betraying felinekind.)