Monday, October 19, 2009

Lazy Humans for Whom There is No Excuse

It seems that -- yet again -- Everything is Left to the Rabbit.


I'm not sure what these humans would do without me. Luckily, my salad is still being delivered on time daily.

Wait. That's a stretch. My Secondary Mama, whom you know as the Blisschick, seems to have returned from her YogaDance Teacher Training without something -- her brain!

She not only has delivered my salad totally late at least twice, but she forgot to supply overnight cat crunch for my cat friend, Lilly. That's not a tragedy -- the cat food -- considering what pigs they are, but my salad? MY SALAD!?!

That's the thing. Secondary Mama was gone for a week and seems to be having a hard time with all the dance steps or something. I mean, I'm a Rabbit for god's sake, I can't possibly know what is going on with her.

Whatever is going on with Secondary Mama has also, apparently, spread to Primary Mama. No Rabbit Movie last week and now me, the Rabbit, writing the blog!?

I think we are in need of some sort of intervention, but how much can one, small Rabbit do when her only helpers are Feline?


If you have any suggestions as to how I might deal with these two lazy, out-of-it humans, please let me know.

But why am I asking you!? YOU are also human.

I am surrounded by ineptitude.


Linnea said...

Dearest Zoe,

I bow to you. I have not been having a good day, and you delivered a much-needed chuckle. If I lived closer, I would bring you salad straightaway.

Try to be patient with your Mamas, primary and secondary. We humans get a little addle-brained sometimes.

JFKlaver said...

You rule and you rock! Let them know your mind. If they don't comply, it's their loss afterall...:)

Kavindra said...

Don't worry Miss Zoe - People Against Rabbit Atrocities are keeping a close eye on your situation. One of our officers, Miss Lucy, will be contacting your mothers IF the SALAD should be LATE AGAIN!!!

Anonymous said...

This is what HAPPENS when you give a RABBIT access to her OWN PERSONAL SECRETARY! OYE!

It was, like, FIVE MINUTES late, Miss Zoe!