Monday, December 7, 2009



Lonely Monday.

So, for anyone who doesn't know, the Chick is gone to Massachusetts to Kripalu for YogaDance teacher training, Part II.


Miss Lilly sums up how we feel about this in the following picture:

Do you see? We are listless. Positively listless.

I mean, we will be fine. So far, we have baked bread. Also, we have worked on painting in the kitchen again. For anyone who missed the Chick's last trip for Part I of the Yoga Dance teacher training, while she was gone we painted the kitchen. Now we are taking it one step further, and decorating the painting. Does that make sense? If not, you'll see more on Wednesday. No worries.

Other than that, we are just sort of walking around. Looking at things. Emailing friends.

Noticing cuteness:

Not much that's cuter that THAT, you know?

I mean-- WOW!

We will be arting and writing. You'll hear all about it.

For now, if you can muster it, imagine some cuteness on our behalf. It will help us all make it through the week. I think.

What will you imagine?


Linnea said...

My hubby took an adorable picture of NabooCat curled up on a chair napping. I shall attempt to upload and either post to my own blog or on Twitpic. (He looks like LillyCat's long-lost grandpa or something, as he's a middle-aged tuxedo kit.)

Anonymous said...


Emma said...
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Emma said...

I am imagining 4 chubby chipmunks having a tiny tea party with acorn caps as big teacups.

Also, I am imagining this:


/end post edit!! :)

Emma said...

What?? Look at this Breaking News Footage I just saw!

StorytellERdoc said...

Hey M! Don't you start getting all mopey and "listless" yet! Bake more bread if you have to!


Kavindra said...

I got one! When I first met my cat Lucy, she was out in the rain and the other cats wouldn't let her live inside at first. So when she would see my car come into the apartment parking lot, she learned to recognize it, and would come screeching and yelling running after the car ... "feed me feed me!"

Also once she got inside and became part of the family herd, she would still go out to the dumpsters and bring me old pieces of meat and bones and leave them as treats for me. Merry Christmas, here's a disgusting bone from the trash on your bed!

It was pretty cute, right up there with Lilly cats face and Zoe's lips.

Cheer up now all you mammals, the week will fly by before you know it.

Bethany said...

Bread and kitchen painting on painting sound wonderful. I can't wait to see. I was just talking about bunny mouths/lips today. Not much cuter, you're right.
Thanks for the pic. I miss my Rex. Love the feel of that kind of fur. Never again will I adopt a bunny whose fur needs to be cut (Maury, my fuzzy lop)!
But if I have to imagine something cute BESIDES bunny lips, I think I would imagine a fuzzy white guinea pig popcorning around the my chihuahua looks on!

Laura Hegfield said...

so hard when your beloved travels...even when you know it's for goodness...I was always the one to travel to yoga trainings and meditation retreats...and left my loved ones behind to fend for themselves...totally immersed in what i set out to experience and feeling longing for them at the same time.

this is my first time stopping by your blog...I stop at christine's pretty often

Maybe time to add you to my linklist...hmmm...let me know if that feels like a good plan for you.

hang in there, she'll be home soon,

Marcy Hall said...

thanks for all the support, everyone. even to those of you who mention chihuahuas...hmmmm....