Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to the Dreams

This is the last post Zoe and I will ever do in 2009.

We'll try to make it good.

This particular dream that I'll tell you about today is extra timely due to the circumstances currently happening in the Pad.

You see, over the last few weeks, our little Rosie the Cat (pictured below on her Red Stool) has been feeling a bit under the weather. A little bit of a sniffly nose. A tiny bit of a cough.

Sweet, Gray Rosie

And in the week, this has passed onto our sweet Miss Emmie (a.k.a. "The Lamb") as well. Same thing-- sniffly nose, sneezing, a bit of a cough.

Apparently, they somehow caught a cold.

(Both of them are feeling much better at this point, by the way. And The Chick has assured me that Zoe will not catch the cold. Interspecies blah blah blah. No worries.)

The point of telling you about the cat cold is to say that "the Whites" (being comprised of the White Cats, Miss Emmie, and Mr. F. Scott Fitzgerald) normally sleep in the basement.

"The Whites"

"Why do they have to sleep in the basement?" you may ask. "How is that fair, when the rest of the Animals, including a certain RABBIT have the run of the house all night long?" (Actually, I'm sure you wouldn't dis the Rabbit in such a way, so maybe that went a little far. Sorry. I take it back.) But you may still ask why the Whites sleep in the basement, mightn't you?

And I might say this: Because when they sleep upstairs, THEY KEEP EVERYONE AWAKE!!!

It's true. They used to sleep upstairs, and for many years, we simply never slept. At least, not through the night. We slept in fits and spurts only, and we adjusted to that. Eventually, we figured out that we could make the Whites a Lair in the basement, and since that revelation they have scored their own bedroom.

Pre-revelation, however, on a morning after a a night of not-sleep, when I was completely delirious and in and out of that weird dream state, I had a dream.

This the dream I want to discuss today.

In this dream-- which I had after a night of being kept awake by the melodious singing of our Dear Scottie Cat-- in this dream, I concocted the best idea I have EVER HAD!!! At least that's how it felt at the time. You know what I mean, right?

My idea? I'll tell you.

My idea was that I would write a letter to Scottie the Cat, and in this letter I would ask him to simply refrain from meowing until a decent hour of the morning, like, say, 7 AM.

I wouldn't ask for much, I thought. It will be a simple letter. One he will read quickly and understand thoroughly.

It was PERFECT!!!

Of course later on, when I woke up, I realized that Scottie, well, he can't exactly read.


Well, it seemed like a good idea.

"Can we PLEASE stop talking about cats??
I'm bored!!"

Have you ever gotten the BEST IDEA IN THE WORLD from a dream???

If so, let's hear it!!


Linnea said...

Today's Synchronicity Moment: While I was making my chai and such, my husband and I were talking about Amber and Autumn (now wearing sparkle suits) and how the two of them managed to sound like a herd of elephants as they played all. night. long. Now, hubby can sleep through anything. Me? Not so much.

I did once have a dream in which I was a game show contestant, and all I had to do to win the $5 million was show the host the five pennies painted on the wall. As they were right in front of me, this was quite easy.

"They're ... right ... THERE!" I joyfully declared, pointing in their direction.

I woke up as I said "there" and was pointing at my quite-blank bedroom wall. Oh, bother. ;-)

Emma said...

I definitely know what you mean about those BEST IDEAS EVER. I have to say that I have those sometimes even when I am not delirious. They usually pass pretty quickly, though. :)

I totally understand what you mean about those naughty cats! Yoko is the same way! But we don't have a basement. :(

I can't think of a particular dream BEST IDEA at the moment, but I'll keep pondering that.

P.S. I do like your letter idea. I might try that with Yoko.

Bethany said...

I love bunny butts. Great photo.
You make me laugh.
I try to talk to my animals, but never thought of writing a letter. I think they would prefer texting, but I can't afford a slew of iphones.
Whites in the basement at bedtime seems like the right thing to do.

Bethany said...

PS I am going to try to dream of the best idea ever tonight and see what happens. I could use some new ideas.