Monday, December 21, 2009

The Snowy Day

That title, SADLY, is for the rest of the country except us, it seems.

By now, we usually have TONS of snow! TONS of it!!

By now, in most normal years, I would have made a snow cat or a snow bunny in the yard. I also would have talked incessantly of my (I think, BRILLIANT) idea to buy a used mail truck and drive around to all the sledding hot spots selling hot chocolate to the kiddies and espresso drinks to the parents. In order to carry out my ingenious plan, though, there must be SNOW!!!

We have a little. And I'm not necessarily complaining. But while the rest of the country has feet, we have a couple of measly inches.

It's enough snow to feel like Christmas, though, which of course is coming fast.

We have the most beautiful tree this year.

At first, when we got it home, however, the Chick was not very pleased. "LOOK AT IT!" she yelled as we turned it and turned it trying to find the "good side," and as we had to cut off more and more of the bottom branches to get it to fit in the tree stand.

Admittedly, it did have a homliness as opposed to a hominess about it. Very Charlie Brown.

Miss Zoe wouldn't even come down to look at it. That tells you a lot, right there.

Now that it's decorated, though, the lights put on secretly by the Chick when I was at work (which also meant I avoided the tapestry of obscenities that would hang in space over Lake Erie for years to come , to paraphrase A Christmas Story) and the balls hung as I looked on and handed the balls to the Chick (who just moves them if I put them on!), it looks BEAUTIFUL!

Exhibits A- D:

Also, while decorating, we found this strange box of something that we must have had tucked away since last year. We don't know where it came from!!

Do you know anyone who could use such a thing?

No? OK. We'll keep it, then. :)


Jeanne Klaver said...

I think the tree is gorgeous! The real prize is in that box.:)

Emma said...

Haha, you said balls! =D

*ahem* Anyway, your tree really does look beautiful. A very joyful tree!

I love that giant glass cat ornament. Very unique! ;) I would like one just like it.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Merry CATmas!

Kavindra said...

I could use such a pretty thing! I'd love to see him hanging from my tree.

BTW, part of the fun of coming here is Emma's comments. You both make me laugh ;)

Marcy Hall said...

fyi, emma-- you said "balls," too. ha ha ha!!!

Laura Hegfield said...

love the window aspect of the box! it's purrrfect.

happy holidays,