Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Interrupt This Program...

Oh, Wise Rabbit!!!!
(Remember this exclamation
as foreshadowing for later...)

For 5 or 6 weeks now, Zoe and I have been sharing dreams on Wednesdays.

Well, I have, anyway. Zoe doesn't share Her Dreams. It is Her impression that that would be Too Personal.

However, due to other things going on at the Lilypad at the present time, Zoe and I thought it pertinent to take a break from our dream sharing posts to share a couple of other Informational-type Tidbits.

For one thing, it has been ages since I have posted any art that I've worked on. The reason for this? Well.... I haven't been making a whole lot. A commission here or there, yes, but as far as actual painting? Not so much.

Instead, I have been concentrating on writing. I am working my way through my second novel (no, the first one has not been published, but if you know anyone who knows anyone, as the saying goes, you could enter Miss Zoe's good graces for at least a few weeks!).

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in the Rabbit Room trying to write and I was having a Very Hard Time.

I said to Zoe, "Oh, Wise Rabbit! What is my freaking problem? I LOVE to write and usually, it just comes out. But lately....sigh."

Miss Zoe, being Who She Is, hopped over under the Writing Chair and sat on my foot. Then, She hopped over to the easel and sat there, looking, as usual, pretty darn coy.

That was it!!! I hadn't been painting in a long time! In fact, I had done no art whatsoever in quite some time!


Thank goodness for Smart Lagomorphic Companions!

I said to the Chick, "I need to do some Art. Do you mind if i just start drawing on the walls?"

To which she answered (as is often her response when I ask silly questions), "DUH! Of course not!"

And so, while the Chick was gone, I set to work again in the kitchen. Here is some of what happened:

And, now, with an element of Conversational Whiplash, but still in the Spirit of New Things Happening at the Lilypad, I would like to present a picture of Someone New. For those of you who read Blisschick, this will come as no surprise, but just in case...



Emma said...

Toby is soooo cute! But I think I said that already! But still!

I really love the wall-painting you did. Just beautiful! Every one is great!

I would really, really like to do my own version of this someday.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're lucky to have Miss Zoe to guide you through life. Your kitchen art is FAB and so is Mr. Toby.

StorytellERdoc said...

Congrats on the new addition to your family, M! And awesome walls! Someone was busy!

Girlie-Queue said...

How completely beautiful? Totally love the blue background - but I'm all into a 'Mary' phase so the little painted shrine you have around Mary totally spoke to me. Glad you got back to painting in such a bold and brilliant way :)

Linnea said...

My daughter squealed with delight at the sight of the little lizard (who she decided was a gekko since she wants one and is hinting like crazy). I think it's all wonderful and colorful and happy -- including Mr. Adorable -- I mean, Toby -- up there!

leel said...

omgoodness!!!! tht kitchen is pure delight. bliss, if you will!
the hearts, the chicken made me literally squeal. what an amazing job you did. every detail is amazing, in fact. all the colours are so perfect together. and i LOVE that new little man of the house!! He seems quite adorable...
thanks so much for sharing!

Kavindra said...

What an adorable boy! I know those pink little feet are just so kissable. What was he doing to get soooo pooped out?

Someday please do a post about how you get all these animals to accept each other and peacefully coexist, ok? When we had just 3 cats there was insanity, including peeing on the sofa and bed ... I want to live in the peaceable kingdom too!
Maybe it's all the gorgeous color and art on the walls that makes everyone so easy to get along with?

And please, do tell who did those framed paintings, girl with rabbits, woman with owl. They are wonderful ... don't look like your hand tho.

Marcy Hall said...

kavindra-- those prints are by emily martin (painter, stitcher, scribbler) at

are they not AWESOME???? they were birthday presents for christine last year. :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous painting on the walls! Makes things much more home-ish I think. Also, welcome Mr Toby. I hope you've learned the Rabbit Rules already. Very important :)

mrsb said...

Oh, I want you to come paint my house!!!!