Friday, December 11, 2009

Flip Friday

YAY!! It's Friday!!

Normally, Im excited when it's Friday anyway. I mean, you're supposed to be excited, right? Traditionally, Friday is the end of the work week, which, whether you like your job or not, is always welcome. Of course, when you work for a 7 day a week operation (such as...say... the Library) the weekend is sort of a "concept" as opposed to a real thing.

(And by that, I mean that I work on Sunday. Sigh.)

But that's OK. I've had a wonderful week on vacation.

And more importantly...

Lots of preparation will need to commence later today. For one thing, I promised The Chick chili and cornbread. Zoe and Miss Emmie and I looked through the cupboards yesterday, and there was nery a bean to be found. Also, no tomatoey goodness. Guess we're up for a trip to the Whole Foods Co-op!!

I did do some arting this past week, which I will show soon. One of the things I painted was a dog portrait that will be a Christmas gift, so I can't post that just in case someone might see it too early!

Also, we did some wall painting, as I mentioned a couple of days ago, in the kitchen. I will post pictures next week, as the Chick has the camera! Taking a picture at this point would involve me dragging the desktop computer downstairs to use the camera perched atop the monitor.

This is all you can get for now. Too bad!!

So, then, on to this week's Rabbit Movies.

We thought you might like to see what Zoe has been doing this week. The weather was extra bad and windy on Tuesday night! Zoe and I were up in the middle of the night snuggling because it was so noisy and windy! Gusts here were into the 50-60mph range! YIKES! The next day, then, we were all a little sleepy.


Sleepy Zoe from marcy hall on Vimeo.

And then later on that day, Miss Zoe let one of Her Cats into the room:

Zoe and Her Cat from marcy hall on Vimeo.

OK, I guess I'd better start... preparing (NOTE! That is foreshadowing for next week's dream! That's all I'm saying!)

Have a great weekend!!


Emma said...

Somehow...I'm feeling...sleeeepier...zzzz

Good, fuzzy videos!

Anonymous said...

Oh, great footage!!!

Love your pigtails, BTW :-)

Been thinking of you this week, as the Chick has been away. Sending you love, hugs, peace, comfort...

And prayers of safe travel and return for Christine.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Enjoyed both action-packed videos! Have a great weekend!

Marcy Hall said...

thanks for your thoughts, lisa! :) and, glad everyone's enjoying the videos. it's hard to get bad footage of someone so cute, though!!

Kavindra said...

The pigtails are very cute!

Is Miss Zoe drooling in that first video? Or maybe it's impolite to ask that of a lady ....

JFKlaver said...

So happy for you now that the Chick is back.Bet Zoe is happy, too.

Bethany said...

Great videos. Love the music, I almost fell asleep too, so relaxing. My bunnies love those willow tunnels. Doesn't Zoe chew it? It looks untouched. Great little area. And your cat is just gorgeous. Zoe is nice to let her hang out for a bit. My rabbit Maury chases all the cats away.

Looking forward to seeing your painting projects.

Jason said...
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