Friday, December 18, 2009

Flip Friday with a Sprinkle of Kitten

Welcome to Friday!

More specifically, Welcome to Flip Friday, where you get to watch what animals in the Lilypad do on a daily basis.

This week has been a special week. If you read on Wednesday, or if you are a reader of Blisschick's Blog, then you know what made this week special: Mr. Toby

"Actually, I made the week special,
but I won't make a big fat hairy deal about it."

Yes, Zoe, we know. But, you know, Mr. Toby is new.

We went through many names for this new kitten. You know how that can be. We really thought his name was going to be Tuppy. Tuppy is our favorite character from P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster stories. We've always thought Tuppy was such an excellent name.

It is an excellent name. It just doesn't quite fit this new kitten.

We've been through numerous monkikers, trying to find one that really fit.

Toby is the closest we've gotten so far. Don't be surprised though, if someday, you are reading about an orange striped tabby at the Lilypad, and his name has been changed.

It doesn't (necessarily) meant hat he is undercover in the Witness Protection program. It probably just means that we've decided to change his name on a whim. Though, we probably won't. We're getting used to "Toby" now and we don't want the little guy to get too confused!

So, this week's offering is a Rabbit movie with added Kitten. Zoe wasn't completely pleased with the lighting in these videos or with the photography. She doesn't think these movies will win any Academy Awards. However, she is letting them slide so that you, Dear Viewer, may see the Kitten in action.

For the record, Miss Zoe seems to like Kitten Toby as well as She like s anyone else of the Feline Persuasion.

"That's not saying much," she offers in explanation.

So true.

Without further delay, then, we give you, "Zoe and Toby."

Zoe and Toby from marcy hall on Vimeo.

And also, "Zoe's Kitten."

Zoe's Kitten, Toby from marcy hall on Vimeo.

Here's hoping for a weekend of Kittens and Bunnies for YOU!!!!


Linnea said...

It goes without saying that the animals are precious (OK, Miss Zoe, you are elegant and lovely), but you always introduce me to cool music, too!

Hope you and The Chick enjoy decorating the tree tonight!

Emma said...

Zoe is so generous to share her room with this adorable new kitty! Maybe she grumbles a bit, but still.

I feel fortified with furry cuteness now!

leel said...

thanks for allowing the new kitty in the videos, Zoe. That was really nice of you!

The new little guy seems to be blending right in!

Anonymous said...

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Alina said...

Oh my! They are soooo cute! :0)