Friday, May 29, 2009

Flip Friday

It's been a wonderful week. It began with a holiday, and it contained, for me, a couple of extra days of vacation. YIPEE!

Due to the extra days of vacation, I got quite a lot more rabbit time in my week, which is always delightful. Because it was rather warm, Zoe was a little more melty than usual and was more interested than usual in sitting for a few portraits.

She wanted me to show the following pictures especially. She very much enjoys the sepia tone effect on our iPhoto, which she thinks, makes her look as though she is a Rabbit of the 1800's.

You know, like a Wild West Wabbit:

Notice how she doesn't smile for the
photos-- just like in the Olden Days.

She's a Tough Bunny. You watch your mouth, y'hear?

"What did you just say?
Shall we duel at High Noon? Pistols? Or, Carrots?"

OK, then. Back away slowly and you won't get hurt.

But, don't hold me to that.

On to this week's videos.

First, we have a special video starring Emily Dickinson-- a.k.a. Miss Emmie-- as she tries desperately to follow in the bunny's tiny footprints and eat some yard food:

In the meantime, we also had a car this week-- my parents' mini van while they are out of town-- which was perfect for going to the garden center, running a few errands, and of course, hitting the beach.

For those of you who don't know it, Erie is Pennsylvania's port city, located right on Lake Erie, and privy to some pretty awesome beaches. The water was still a little cold for swimming, but we sat in the sand and soaked in some sun.

In this video, you can see the Tom Ridge Environmental Center (TREC), which is the complex with the observation tower at the beginning of the video. Next, you see the roller coaster that spans the road at Waldameer Park. Next, we drive past local summer hot spot, Sara's Diner. And finally, we enter Presque Isle State Park:

Have a great Weekend!!


Emma said...

I wanna go to the beeeeeach!

I've never seen a cat try so earnestly to eat a salad! :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your stories and videos with Miss Zoe. Thank you for the smiles.

Kavindra said...

I love Miss Emmie. She is so delicate.

Of course, ahem, not as much as I love Miss Zoe!

(Also, we want more of the rabbit-washing cat. I never saw anything so concurrently hilarious and touching. Lucy watches it wide eyed ... "why is he washing that rabbit?!" she keeps asking. I tell her "some cats are just nicer than you Lucy" but she wants to see more before she will believe me.)