Friday, May 8, 2009

Flip Friday!

Yes, it's that time again!!


Zoe would like to thank all of you who have participated in her (and MY!!)

She has been especially fond of all the nice comments she has received about... well... herself.

Seriously, you have been too kind!!

"No, they haven't!" Miss Zoe just threw over her shoulder on her way to the hay box. "I think they've been just right."

OK, well, be that as it may, Miss Zoe and I are offering up a couple of great movies this week to thank you. These movies capture Zoe in some of her more private moments.

She thinks you deserve that much.

But before we get to today's features, she wants to remind you that there is still time to submit your own Animal Companion Story for the Wee!Art Pet Portrait Giveaway!!

Zoe won't draw the 2 lucky winners' names until
Sunday, May 10th at 5 PM!!

There is still so much time to submit your entry!!

OK, so without any more fanfare, here they are. The Flip Friday Features:


amy said...

wish I could do that with my nose;-)

Kavindra said...

I can't tell you how much I laughed when "Ask" started playing as Zoe was in her bath. Perfect choice!

Emma said...

I've been Bunny Kissed!!!!

I love these videos every week! =D

cocosparkle said...

Ah...thank-you for the kiss! I am obsessed with miss Zoe's lips. So this has become my favorite video of them all. Before meeting her, I don't think I knew how awesome rabbit lips were.
Your videos make my week!
xoxo c

Marcy said...

i know this will come as a surprise, but i am obsessed with zoe's lips myself. it's good to know i'm not alone. it makes me feel... saner. :)

lots of lips movies forthcoming. that's a promise and a threat!