Monday, May 11, 2009

Wee!Art Original Pet Portrait Giveaway

The Time has come!!

It's the Moment you've been waiting for.

Well, maybe not the moment in the Grand Scheme, but it's a a pretty good moment. You have to admit that.

What is this moment all about, you ask? Why should you be SO EXCITED?!? It's time for Miss Zoe and I to announce the Winners of the Wee!Art Pet Portrait Giveaway!!

But then, you knew that, right?

Right now, Miss Zoe is resting from the harrowing work of nosing her way through many little folded up pieces of paper to pick the Winners.

Miss Zoe rests in her sunspot.
Please, she doesn't wish to be bothered just now.

But, since you weren't here for the actual event, let's rewind and view a pictorial representation of the choosing process.

Assessing the competition...

Nosing through...

Choosing Winner #1
(this paper went all the way in her mouth--
you can barely see it sticking out.
And, yes, she got it pretty gooey.)

And, Winner #2
(she took Winner #2 away to a more
remote location, but #2 didn't get so gooey!)


Luckily Miss Zoe didn't munch them
so much that they were unreadable!

Kavindra's Wee!Art Pet Portrait will feature none other than her wonderful cat, Lucy. (By the way Lucy, I think everyone misses the litterbox once in awhile!)

Ash's Wee!Art Pet Portrait will feature not her own animal companion, but another animal who was special-- a poodle named Dexter who belonged to her voice teacher.

Kavindra and Ash, please send pictures of your Animals and your mailing addresses to Miss Zoe and me at zoejobie(at)gmail(dot)com.

Many thanks to all those who sent their stories in for the contest. We have to admit, many of them were so sweet, they made us cry. Though, even if pressed, Miss Zoe will not admit that.

Oh, and Kavindra, Miss Zoe says to feel free to send that yummy carrot you promised. She'll be waiting...


Emma said...

Congratulations Kavindra and Ash!!

I love how Zoe chose the winners. =D

amy said...

Even though I didn't win, I feel like a winner because of the big smile Zoe gave me this morning. Congratulations, Kavindra and Ash!

Ketzirah Carly said...

Now that's the way to do it! Fine work, Ms. Zoe

Kavindra said...

Oh Thank You Miss Zoe and Miss Marcy! I am thrilled!

Picture on the way later today.

I knew you'd respond to bribing Zoe!

Anonymous said...

Well done Zoe and congrats to the winners! I love that Zoe is talented enough to pull the winners names out like that. Love the nommed pieces of paper, hehe!