Friday, May 15, 2009

Flip Friday

It's been quite a week here in the Rabbit Room.

The windows have been open.

Contest Winners have been chosen.

Not one, but TWO willow balls have been eaten. Completely. No pieces left for Miss Lilly to play with, even. (And, she is disappointed by that, I am sure.)

And, of course... it's Friday.

"Isn't it time to celebrate with a Rabbit Video?" Zoe says as she hops to the hay box. "Oh, and I guess you could show one of the cat, too." (Munch, munch, munch) "If you have to," she adds.

And so, here you go.

First, a Cat Movie:

And now, starring Miss Zoe:

ENJOY!! And, happy Friday.


Ty-Anna said...

Perfect videos to start my Saturday morning.

Ty-Anna said...

wow did I say Saturday?...I meant Friday... see I'm not all here! thanks again :-)

Emma said...

Awesome, as usual! Great arms and I love a good banana, too. :)

What's the music on the Lilly video? Is it Miou Miou?

Marcy said...

ty-anna, they'll be perfect for tomorrow, too!!

and, yes, emma, it is miou miou! vive miou miou!!

Jennifer Hugon said...

The lips! The paws! The pixies! This made my Friday eve.

Kavindra said...

Lilly is so elegant - those arms look like Audrey Hepburn's in long elbow length evening gloves.

But everytime I see a video of Lilly, she yawns. You guys gotta stop working her so hard! She looks exhausted, in need of a good rest.

carlikup said...

I love Lilly's spirit, there's something about her ...
The videos are awesome, tnak you so much for sharing! My kids love Flip Friday!

Have a nice weeekend Marcy!