Monday, May 18, 2009

The Problem With Dogs

A Disclaimer: Before I start, let me just say, the above title may be misleading. I, personally, have no problem with dogs. However, I cannot speak for any rabbits or cats who may or may not be in the room, and who may or may not approve (to use Cinnamon's word) of dogs.

That being said, I would like to clarify that my problem with dogs is simply that painting them and drawing them can rather stymie me.

I love dogs. Big, small, whatever.

The thing is, I've never had a dog.

I did once exist in the same space with a dog, I think, when I was first born. I seem to recall seeing some pictures of me as a very cute (of course!) baby pulling all the canned goods out of the cupboard to build a fort, and there in the background of the picture is a black dog.

But, it was so early on that my psyche has no recollection of ever "having a dog."

Baby Yard Rabbit is fine with no dog!

Baby Rabbit update:
Baby Rabbit is growing and doing fine.
Liking the dogless yard.

Someday, I hope to maybe have a dog. Who knows?

But, presently dogless, here's the problem for me: Not having had a dog makes it challenging to draw and paint them. It's as if I don't know their ins and outs, you know?

A cat? Easy. I have had so many cats in my life that I could draw their sweet little faces in my sleep.

A rabbit? Now that I've had Miss Zoe for 5 years and have spent hours of each and every one of those wonderful days of those years playing with her and staring at her cute face and body while she does, well-- everything, the same thing goes for rabbits. Could draw them in my sleep.

Me with the Sweet Miss Zoe.

Look at Miss Emmie's sweet Cat Face!

I say all this ("There," you're thinking. "She's FINALLY getting to the point!") because I recently got a commission to paint a dog, and every time I get a commission to paint a dog, it's the same. It's as though my muscles have forgotten the dog shape. Their eyes, their noses. I have to relearn it every time.

For this one commission, I have gone through, like, a dozen incarnations of the dog's face, trying to get it right, trying to get the eyes just right.

You have to get the eyes right.

Anyhow, just thought I'd share my recent art trials and tribulations. If you dog people out there have any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them. What makes a dog face a dog face?

That last sentence made Miss Zoe laugh. She is rolling around on the floor saying "Dog Face! Ha, ha, ha!" right now. Funny bunny.

Miss Zoe is not at all interested in hearing your dog comments, so send those to me.

When I do finally get that dog done, I'll post a picture. Hopefully, that will be soon.

Also coming soon: The Wee!Art Contest Winners.

Stay Tuned. Same Rabbit Time. Same Rabbit Channel.


Emma said...

I just have no advice on dog faces. I admire dogs, but have never lived with one.

I enjoyed all these adorable photos, though! And I'm looking forward to seeing new art. :)

Anonymous said...

When I look at my dogs, it's their eyes, their nose and sometimes their mouth that are the personality. Sometimes my golden mix looks like she's smiling, my little bichon/poodle mix has tiny little dark eyes that just seem to look right into me, but his cute black "rubber nose" and overbite also makes him different from others. My sister and I always refer to black "rubber noses on dogs. While my golden has a brown nose, she has little freckles in the white around it. So really it's just like the differences you see in your animals, every one has something different that brings a "personality" trait to your eyes. Hope that helped and didn't just mix you up more :-)