Monday, May 25, 2009

It's Memorial Day

For those of us in the United States, Memorial Day Weekend means a lot of things.

One thing it means is three day weekend for those of of us with traditional jobs.

Anyone with a bunny will enjoy a bit more special bunny time.

And, for those of us in Erie, PA, Memorial Day weekend is the time when we can finally get some stuff planted in the ground. Danger of frost is no longer imminent, it's usually a little warmer (actually, it normally rains on Memorial Day Weekend here, but not this weekend!), and the garden centers and nurseries are hopping with people who are excited to get outside after a long, cold winter.

First on our weekend agenda was a trip to Johnston's Nursery, where we helped Neighbor Bill choose a couple of sour cherry trees for his yard. We also got 8 (eight!) 6-ft Arbor Vitae, which I spent most of Sunday digging holes for and planting. WHEW!!

Miss Zoe did not help with this project.

She claims to be too small to help with such things.


Here's some highlights from our trip to Johnston's, starring the Blisschick:

The other thing we've done so far this weekend is go to the Erie's first ever Troika Russian Festival. (You can see some lovely still photos of the event and the Church on Blisschick today.)

We shared a wonderful Russian porter beer, we took a tour of the gorgeous Church...:

...and then we listened to some great music and watched some awesome dancing by Barynya (a live from New York City performance group):

So what are you doing this weekend?


Emma said...

Oh, fun videos! =D

I am looking forward to the church video, too.

So, did you get any Bunny Fountain Grass?

I've been popping online now and then this morning, freecycling some shoes, and possibly going on an outdoor adventure this afternoon. It's been a good weekend here, with lovely weather!

Nerdy Renegade said...

Hi :-)

SO glad you're enjoying this holiday weekend!

We went to a local festival Saturday (down at RiverScape) and heard Ivan Neville's band Dumpstaphunk (!) and then a bit of Delbert McClinton.

Yesterday we took a 24.57 mile bike ride :-0 I had NO intention of riding that far, but it was quite fun and only mildly difficult at times. (My legs beg to differ today, though!)

Last night we went to a raw food vegan potluck. It was great!

Today's "take it easy day" and we're hanging out at home. (At the moment Doug's upstairs playing electric guitar through his new amp!) I've been reading, napping, and fixing yummy food to eat!

Oh, yes, and vegetable gardening, too! :-)

Tess said...

Well nothing like as interesting a weekend as yours. How wonderful.

And I thought Miss Zoe might like to see this post with pictures of some of her cousins:

Marcy said...

miss zoe LOVED seeing her cousins!!

as for the bunny fountain grass.. no, we didn't get any. we (unfortunately) have no bunny fountain by which to put the grass. :( sad.

Emma said...

Oh, there's the church video! Awesome! It's so beautiful.