Monday, July 12, 2010

The Weekend

Hello, Rabbits here.

That's right, it's US.

Do you remember last week, when our moms went to, like, another country or something called NEW YORK to go do something crazy like BE OUTSIDE???  Do you remember?

In case you've forgotten, look here.

Well, first of all, We say, who would want to be outside when you could be Inside in the Hay Box with your Cats and your Air Conditioning?   Really, such questions make no sense to Rabbits.   If We wanted to be Outdoor Rabbits, we would be, well, Outdoor Rabbits.

We are Indoor Rabbits who have Hay Boxes, Our Own cats and Air Conditioning.

That's right.

Seriously, last weekend was hard enough.  Wasn't it?

Do you remember learning that We did not get our Salads...ON TIME?  They were, like, an hour late!!  Our lunch is really never late, and there is a reason for that.

Actually, there are many reasons for that.

We just don't feel like listing them.  And, We shouldn't have to.

The point is this:  We thought that certain people would have learned their lesson after last week, but apparently, that was not the case.  Apparently, what ended up happening instead is that We were so Understanding and Gracious, that it happened....AGAIN!!!!  ARGH!

We know, right?  UNTHINKABLE!!!

There is just no telling what humans will do next.  They are unpredictable and not very bright.

This is not news, is it?  NO!

And so, We are going to share a secret with you.  The secret is that We have sabotaged the computer so that the movies of their "fun weekend" of going to the Greek Festival (or GEEK festival as We and the Cats call it) and Lilydale cannot be shown.

We're Jealous Animals Who Want ALL the Attention.  What is so wrong about that?


So, you will have to wait for those videos.  You will have to wait.  And instead, you will need to look at this!


Was that so bad?  We didn't think so.


Emma said...

Dear Z & B,

It just goes to show how firm and clear you have to be with humans, right? Laxity and subtlety just don't pay off. Sigh!

Seeing your noble faces and reading your wisdom is definitely a fortifying way to start the week. So, thank you!


Paula said...

Dear Z & B:

Simba (the cat who owns me) agrees with you whole heartedly. He hates it when I don't feed him on time. He meows at me if it's his evening feeding. If it's his morning feeding that I've goofed up on, he's been known to wake me up by standing on my chest.