Friday, July 30, 2010

Flip Friday

Last week, Flip Friday was delayed until Cinematic Saturday.

That was because of Vimeo being a little crazy and not uploading my video.  But you know, then I wondered if maybe it was because the video wasn't JUST RIGHT!  Because, truthfully, it wasn't up to our normal Rabbit Standards.

Was it?

I mean, we tried to film Blueberry digging to China.  And instead, she might have gotten to West Virginia, but that's about all.  It was definitely cute, but it was not the video footage we were hoping for.  It was where Blueberry asserted that She is not a circus animal.  And, She is not.

But, this week?  She is going to China!

Let's Watch (p.s. We were still having trouble with Vimeo, so we went back to YouTube for this week's movie.  We have to get these Rabbit Movies out there in whatever ways are necessary!!):

We at the Lilypad wish you all a LOVELY WEEKEND!!



Linnea said...

Aah, the Messiah (or "Handel's Mess," as my father -- who sang it a few times -- jokingly called it).

Fittingly epic music for such an Epic Rabbit.

Emma said...

Cuuuuuuuuuute! I like Blueb's neck roll. =)

OK, tell me if this would be wrong. Would it? Or would it just be awesome?

Gently convince Blueberry to walk in some kind of natural dye that is safe to eat.

Then, put her on a big white piece of paper! Could you entice her to dig? Can you imagine the art she'd create?? :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The Chinese phoned. They said come and pick up your rabbit.