Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Rocks

Is this a second blog post this week
that is NOT about Bunnies?  

On Sunday, we hiked in the Rocks.

Panama Rocks, that is.

It was beautiful there and a refreshing and rejuvenating way to spend a morning with the Chick.

On Monday, there were more Rocks in my day as I wrote about the trip to Panama Rocks.

And, on Tuesday, I opened the front door to find...another Rock.

As is my custom, I came downstairs Tuesday morning, sleepily shuffling through the living room, making my way to the kitchen to feed the Monsters their breakfast.  After I gave them each a little something, I then shuffled my way back through the living room to the front door, which I opened, as I do every morning, for Toby the MiniCat.

We have this routine, you see, wherein, I open the door and move Toby's favorite stool in front of the door so that he can see his Morning Birdies while lounging not having to Stand Up.  It is the perfect arrangement for this (LAZY!) Cat.

Well, you have to admit that Standing Up can be quite taxing.  I aspire to more Catly ways myself.

On Tuesday morning, however, when I opened the door, I saw something that made me furrow my brow and then...SMILE!

It was....A ROCK!  A PEACE ROCK!!

For those of you not familiar with Peace Rocks,  it is pretty much that:  A Rock With A Peace Symbol.  An Artist names Sasa makes them.  While viewing her profile through her blog, we learned that she also likes...BUNNIES!!!

Here is my rock:

Here is the Peace Rocks Blog.

Here is the Peace Rocks Etsy Shop.

I think Zoe and Blueb and I are going to order up some Peace Rocks.  Why don't you do the same?  Leave them on the doorsteps of people who love Bunnies or people who have MiniCats.  Leave them for the unsuspecting and in unexpected places.

I love this idea.

Zoe and Blueb endorse Peace Rocks.  This means you cannot go wrong.

Peace Rocks.  Bunnies Rock.  It's really all the same, is it not?

Oh, and thanks, Cathy.  I know you left that Tiny and Wonderful Gift.  You Rock, too!!!  :)


Emma said...


I have a Peace Rock magnet on my fridge right now! The rocks are really neat. :)

Linnea said...

Love these! (A couple of years ago Ashlyn made Smiley rocks for the family. One she made for me even has -- wait for it -- Bunny Ears. I'll have to photograph it for you. That should please Mlles. Blueberry and Zoe. Or is that Mlles. Zoe and Blueberry? Oh, the dilemma.)