Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Wings

A few mornings ago, I woke up early and went outside to spend my morning in the Sunshine watching Birds and reading.

Of course, this was much to the Rabbits' chagrin, as I normally spend time with Them in the early morning.

"Outside??  WHY???"

But it was early enough that it wasn't too terribly hot, so I thought, why not go outside and do a spot of reading before the Sun starts to fry the yard?

Out I went.

We usually keep a chair out in the yard.  There is a particular spot I like to sit, right by our almond tree.  It is a particularly calm and lovely spot I think, protected by Green Surroundings.  As I sit there, I often see the Outdoor Bunnies hopping.  If I sit still in the chair for long enough, the Birds cease to notice me and I get a good Bird Show as well.  It is a Good Spot.

My Good Spot
A View from My Good Spot

This particular morning, though, I went outside and the Sun was shining too much in my spot.  The chair was drenched in morning Sun, and I was in the mood for shade.

I leaned down to pick up the chair and as I leaned over, I noticed something amazing.

A Wing.

There was a Beautiful Wing in the grass.  A Moth Wing.

I bent down to pick it up and I realized there was another Wing!


The Wings!!  I found A Helpful Box to Put Them In.

A Closeup view of the Smaller Wings

I picked them all up.  I wrapped them in a piece of paper and took them inside.

Now, I don't know what happened to the Little Body that the Wings were attached to.  But my guess is that one of the Birds I like to watch....ummmmmm....had a snack that did not include Wings.

Instead, I got them.  Wings.  To honor and protect.  Which I will do.

I feel honored by these wings.  To have found all four seems like an honor to me.

A reminder of the Blessings of this Earth.

Thank you, Moth.  Thank you, Earth.


Emma said...

Oh, lovely wings! That IS special.

And your Good Place looks very good. Have you ever read Hugh Pine and the Good Place?

Linnea said...

We have some lovely cicada wings that Ms. Ashlyn found last summer. They are still in their Helpful Box, tucked away in her Bigger Wooden Box of Awesome Nature-y Things.

I love your Good Spot! And your yard! You guys have exactly what I want -- trees and/or bushes surrounding the perimeter. (I like my neighbors fine, I just like the idea of my own Shangri-La.)

Z.M. said...

that'so sweet :)