Friday, July 23, 2010

Flip Friday-- NOT!

Technical Difficulties get my Dewlap in a Twist!

Oh dear.

So, I had my post all written for today and the Rabbit Movie filmed and edited, and now it seems as though Vimeo is having technical difficulties.


How can there be technical difficulties when I am trying to post an All Important Rabbit Movie?

We all know-- it is just WRONG!

SO, please stay tuned.  I have to go to work at this point, but I will work on this issue later, and by tomorrow, I promise that you will be wathing a Wonderful Rabbit Movie somehow.  Someway.

Until tomorrow, then.  



Art D. said...

"Technical Difficulties get my Dewlap in a Twist!"

Well put. Well put indeed.

Debra She Who Seeks said...


Linnea said...

*L and A shake fists at Vimeo*

We cannot have Miss Zoe's Dewlap in a twist! So uncomfortable!

Look forward to seeing Their Movie later!

Emma said...

Hey, Vimeo. WE'RE WATCHING YOU. Better clean up your act...

I hear rabbits can eat your face clean off, if necessary.