Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Wings, Part II

Last week, I wrote about a remarkable set of Wings that I found on the ground in my Favorite Outdoor Sitting Spot.  In case you don't recall, feel free to revisit here.

Now this week, the Rabbits and I present Wednesday Wings, Part II because Wings found their way into my life yet again.

Perhaps this is not so unusual, as it is a Wingy sort of time of the year.  Summer and all.  It brings butterflies and birds, and sometimes things...happen.  Sometimes, this means that you find a set of Wings with no body, and sometimes, this means that you find a set of wings...with a body.

That is the case in this week's episode.  Wings with a body.

I'm not one who likes to overlook a coincidence.  I tend to want to give them a proper examination.  Two sets of Wings in two weeks?  There must be a story in that, right?

I had to work this past Sunday at the Ol' Public Library.  Sundays can be difficult days to work as you can imagine.  It feels strange to work on a Sunday.  It just does.  It's unnatural.

The find at the end of the day made the whole day worthwhile.  We walked out into the parking lot and what did we find right by Seven (Seven, our car, I mean)?  We found this perfectly preserved little fellow:

(He or She was a Red Spotted Purple.)

More Wings.  Which, as I said, led me to wonder if these Butterflies had a larger purpose.  Perhaps, I thought, the Rabbits are trying to send me a psychic message through the use of Butterflies.

And, I think that's true.

(More about this next Monday, when I begin an Exciting New Journey!!!!) 

For now, think about this:  What are the Rabbits trying to teach YOU?  It is something to ponder.


Emma said...

An Exciting New Journey??

What is we CAN'T wait that long to find out?

Rabbits, eh? Hmm...

Linnea said...

Can't wait for the Exciting New Journey!

(As for the Rabbits, Zoe gave me a most disapproving stare the last time I got on the scale, according to The Chick.)