Friday, July 16, 2010

Flip Friday

If you are a Rabbit here at the Lilypad, part of the bane of your existence is this fact:  cats somehow share your house.  People also share your house, of course (or humans, as they are more aptly called), but at least they occasionally do Important Things like fill the Salad Bowl, the Crunchy Dish, and the Hay Box.

Also, they sometimes order Willow Balls.

Though, not in recent memory.

"Humans are so ridiculous."

The point of saying this is that, though we all know who are the Most Important Residents of the Lilypad, it is sometimes the case that cats wrongly receive the Attention that only Rabbits deserve.

"Cats are so ridiculous."

Take, for instance, this movie:

Toby Loves Daisy from marcy hall on Vimeo.

Also, sometimes, it happens that humans, too, think they are cooler than Rabbits because they can go outside and have jobs in which they get a lunch hour that allows them to walk to the Erie Art Museum and see some awesome music.  

Of course if you were a Rabbit in this house, you would not be impressed by going outside, having a job, or going for a walk.  Of course, Rabbits do support the concept of a Lunch Hour, and They also support Art and Music such as you can see here by our favorite local band, the Heliotropes:

Two Heliotropes At the Erie Art Museum from marcy hall on Vimeo.

So there you have it-- a glimpse into the Most Terrible Life of Rabbits at the Lilypad for Whom Life is Most Certainly Terrible.

Don't worry.  Rabbit movies to come next week, or the cats and humans may be living outside.

Happy weekend!


Emma said...

Awww, Mini + Chococat!

It's a nice thing to be able to walk out and see a favorite band on your lunch break. I guess it could only be improved by the band members being rabbits. You can't have everything, though.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Groovy, man.