Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiday Weekend Totally Rocks

As I write this, Blueberry is trying to knock over Her litter box.

Does that mean we were gone too much yesterday?  Well, perhaps it does.  It also means that we were gone until 3PM, making the Rabbits' Salads......ONE HOUR LATE!!!!  (They always eat their salads at 2, and they are pretty picky about it.)

Well, sorry Rabbits.  We were Outside having Outdoor Fun.

Which brings me to the title of this post.  The "Totally Rocks" part is sort of a pun.  Let me explain.

We spent our July 4th doing an activity that I completely enjoy, but that the Chick...well....normally doesn't.  She is trying to have more Fun, which she wrote about today.  And one of the ways she is trying to have fun is by experimenting with things I think are fun.

One of the things I like most and that is the most fun for me, is being outside in the woods.  It reminds me of when I was little because that is what I did all summer long.  I would pack a little PB&J and head out into the woods behind our house with a blanket and maybe a book or a drawing pad, and that would be my day.  Walking, plopping down, drawing, eating my sandwich, walking some more.

For the Chick, who is a City Mouse, the woods remind her of horror movies, in which people in hockey masks hide behind trees and wait for you, so they can chop you up into little pieces.

I guess you wouldn't normally think of that as fun, exactly.

But in an effort to up our Fun Level, and in an effort for the Chick to try to do something that pushes her boundaries a bit,  we went hiking on the Fourth of July at Panama Rocks.  Panama Rocks is quite near us-- just a short drive in Seven!-- in Panama, New York.  I can't really describe it, so I'm just going to show you some pictures:

The Chick tries to Cleopatra like a Bunny!

A Very Strange Animal

Closeup of some mossy bark.

Tree roots and a Chick!

And, here is a short movie to show you some of the sights in a moving sort of way:

Hike in Panama Rocks from marcy hall on Vimeo.
Would hiking here up your Fun Level?  I think it would.

Just don't be late getting home.  The Rabbits get Very Anxious about Their Lunch.


Lisa said...


Linnea said...

I get the City Chick thing, as a City Chick myself. That said, I enjoy frolicking in nature. Heights trip me up, but not much else.

That tree is amazing!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like everyone's boundaries got stretched a bit, including the Rabbits!

Paula said...

Looks like everyone had fun! Simba doesn't like it when I switch up his meal times. I get a very indignant MEOW! when I feed him late.

Emma said...

Looks like good fun to me! =)