Friday, April 9, 2010


Zoe here.

This picture of me is how I am feeling right now -- just totally frustrated to the point of exhaustion. My mothers, who as you know are also my agents/producers/directors/slaves, are just such pains in my cute bottom.

I mean, there was all this talk of the internet being out, calling in a tech, blah, blah, blah, other sentences inserted here.

I had to stop listening because they weren't talking about me and all I really want to know is how does this affect my films and my fans.

My fans! You! You have expectations, for goodness sake, and lately, I am acutely aware that my mothers are not fulfilling said expectations. At least not in a timely manner.

I may have to put an ad in the paper or something.

Wanted: New, responsible mothers needed by Beautiful and Important Rabbit whose fame-osity depends upon said mothers having a minimum of wit and know-how.

But alas, I kinda like these mothers. But don't tell them. They'll only slack off more if they know there are no consequences.

I mean, look what they leave in my room!

P.S. Hopefully my most recent masterpiece, which is complete, will be up some time on Saturday. There is talk of a "router" and walking somewhere. Whatev. Just get to it!


Emma said...

Zoe, don't worry! We understand! We blame the humans fully.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I feel your pain, Miss Zoe!

Kavindra said...

oh Zoe! I would so apply for the job, but I lack the wit and know-how you need! Luckily, at least your slacker mothers have SOME capacity to lift you up to the heights you deserve.