Sunday, April 4, 2010


We interrupt your regular programming to bring you this special report.

from Zoe and Blueberry HQ--
it's the Easter Bunny Report!!

What's the Report, Girls?
(They are indicating that you look for yourself)


It took awhile for The Bunny to show up today. You can see no colored eggs. No basket. No chocolate whatnot. Just a worn out Rabbit looking for a little down time and an escape from the paparazzi.

It just shows you the clout that Certain Rabbits have to attract the Big Guns, doesn't it?

There you have it!! The Easter Bunny Special Report!

Thanks for tuning in.

We now return you to your regular festivities.



Emma said...

Yesssssss! Bunny sighting!

Kavindra said...

poor little thing! I never knew he was so tiny, and having to carry all that stuff.

nice to know the girls offer him a place of rest and respite.

meanwhile, the chihuahua tells me he has a similar relationship with the toothfairy. she comes and rests with him some nights while I am asleep. that is where all the teeth marks in inappropriate places (such as the cat's behind) come from he tells me. and we know, chihuahuas, like rabbits, never lie.