Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Run for your lives! It's.....


Let me explain.

I'm not feeling very well, today.  I haven't been feeling well since Monday.

So, when I came home on Monday and saw what had come in the mail, I was SUPER EXCITED!!  It made a whole day of work and feeling yucky totally fade away. 

"What could do that?"  you are asking yourself right now.

Would you be not-so-very surprised to learn that what could make me feel better was...RABBIT RELATED?

In fact, this item was pretty much the whole reason I wanted to get a cell phone, which we finally did about 2 months ago.  It was because I wanted this Gadget Cozy made by Noreen Finn:


 Zoe checks out this new friend...

 Zombie Bunny's Cute Tail

She holds the phone with her faux fur innards!

We are lucky enough to have Noreen living here in Erie.  In fact, she is an Amazing Painter (you can also view a few of said Amazing Paintings on this link), and that's how I first knew of her.  She had a show at a local gallery and we happened to pick up the postcard advert, which stayed on our refrigerator for many years. 

Zombie Bunny is just one of many different designs she has available.  She is pretty willing to try anything, too.

For the love of Zoe and Blueberry, doesn't your phone, ipod, or other gadgety gadget NEEEEEEEED THIS COZY???

I'm pretty sure it does.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That is just friggin' AWESOME!!!!

Jennifer Hugon said...

Oh wow!! I have the exact same zombie bunny phone cozy! I absolutely adore it and I can tell you do too ;)

Glad you are feeling better!

Emma said...

That's really cute and also creepy, which is a great combo, of course!

Does she make one that would fit my clay tablet and pointy writin' stick?

Linnea said...

You know, my phone would fit perfectly in there ....