Monday, April 12, 2010

Arts n Drafts Comes to an End, a Fact of Which The Rabbits Approve

This past weekend, as we all know, The Rabbits did not get enough Attention.

This was due to the fact that Arts n Drafts was going on here, an event that lasted from last Wednesday night until Saturday, just two days ago.

Here is a picture of the beautiful venue, the Brewerie:

And, below is my Wall of Stuff:

It went very well!! We ended up selling at least half of the paintings, which was very exciting!! Zoe was pleased with that. She worked so hard on these paintings that I wanted Her to be Pleased.

I'll pick up the paintings that didn't sell on Tuesday and we'll load them up here for all of Zoe's fans in case someone might be interested in one. (A Note: the paintings do not contain actual beer. I wouldn't want anyone to be disappointed!)

Needless to say, after all that excitement, and after being gone so much for the event, we are all a little worn out.

Blueberry is ready for a Nap!!

And, Zoe would like that
Apology Willow Ball
to be a little Closer...

There-- that's better.

Ah, time to go back to work for a little rest!

What did you do for FUN this weekend??


Emma said...

Ooh, good nose shots. That's a healthy dosage of rabbit cuteness!

StorytellERdoc said...

Congratulations on your great success, M! Of course, no surprise, given how amazing your paintings are.

You continue to humanize Miss Zoe and Miss Blueberry so long as their turds stay rabbit-sized! LOL

Have a great day.

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on selling half of your show,that is fantastic! Just goes to show that the folks in Erie know marvelous talent when they see it!
I am loving Blueberry's close up pic. Oh, and of course Zoe your close-up is adorable as always.
Take a well deserved rest girls!

Anonymous said...


SO glad the weekend went well! Your paintings are fantastic!

BTW, that photo of Miss Blueberry is now on our desktop :)

(And this goofy song by Bette Midler plays in my head whenever I think of that bunny!)