Friday, April 23, 2010

Flip (Lonely) Friday

This morning, our Lilypad is Incomplete.

It is missing a piece.  A 9.5 lbs (that's right!  9.5 lbs!!), orange striped, loud mouthed, eats so much it could pop piece that we like to call "The Mini Cat."

He is, of course, at his "appointment."  It's the same "appointment" that most Indoor Kitties, male or female, undergo at around the age of 6-7 months.  Of course, when Toby asked about it yesterday, I told him, "Oh, honey, you are just going to camp!   You're going to have so!"

I may be paying for that (lie) in the near future.

Toby will be home soon, in fact, as I write this at 6:30 AM, I know he will be home in a few short hours-- he should be home by about 10:45 AM.   All will be well.

In the meantime, Zoe wanted to post a movie showing how much She missed Toby.  We made it last night, produced it and uploaded it to Vimeo, but for some reason this morning, it is saying it's not yet finished in its processing and therefore cannot be embedded or even watched yet.

I'll have to post the new movie later today or tomorrow for you, as it is one you won't want to miss.

So, for your viewing enjoyment today, we will simply have to fall back on a couple of old standbys to help us through this Dark Period with a Missing Mini Cat and Non-Uploading Rabbit Movies.

First, we submit to you a movie that captures the Spirit of Zoe's Loneliness.  Her  Ennui.  The depths of Her Missing the Mini Cat:

Another Art Film from marcy hall on Vimeo.

This second video explores Her Inner Aggression a bit.  In this video, She challenges our view of What is Cute? and What is Sweet?  She shows us a bit of Her Dark Side brought on by things like....well....the Extreme Missing of Her MiniCat!

The Arugula Monster from marcy hall on Vimeo.
Well, we hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. We will certainly post the New Rabbit Production as soon as it figure out what it's doing.

In the meantime, enjoy your Friday and your Subsequent Weekend!!! (Oh and at all costs, avoid "camp!" I really don't think it's that fun!)


Emma said...

All the children reading this blog are now afraid to go to camp!!

AND of the arugula monster!

It's even closer to Toby's arrival now. Welcome Home, Toby (in advance)!

Emma said...
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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Poor Toby, away at camp for The Big Snip. It's for your own good, little buddy. Someday you'll understand that.

Great videos, as usual!

Rebecca said...

Doodles remembers his time at camp...Shudder!! As for the videos he says, Oldies but Goodies!!

Laura Hegfield said...

love this arugala monster...too cute!!!