Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Busy like a Bunny!

This may be a substandard post.

I'm warning you ahead of time.

That's because the Rabbit Room is a Busy Place this week.

And, the Rabbit Room is a Busy Place this week because this is the week of Erie's Arts and Drafts Fest at the Brewerie in downtown Erie. The Brewerie is a lovely local brewpub housed in the old Erie train station.

And the reason this is an issue for those of you reading is that Zoe and I (and even Blueberry to some extent) have been working hard on art to be displayed at this fun Fest instead of putting time into our Blog.

Of course, Zoe won't attend this event herself-- She will simply send me as Her representative. She does not wish to be touched by the general public. Can you blame Her?

Anyhow, for your amusement, and for those of you who are not lucky enough to live int he fine city of Erie, PA, and therefore, sadly cannot attend the event, here are a few pictures of some of the things I'll have on display:

For those of you who do live in Erie, Art N Drafts will be Wednesday night April 7- Saturday night April 10 at the Brewerie. Please come and visit me as I sit (GASP!!!) Rabbitless amongst my art!

And, I guess if I add one more picture, this post won't be substandard at all:

OK, there.



Linnea said...
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Kavindra said...

Have a good time, and don't drink TOO much beer - you have to stay sober so you get a good price on all your wonderful paintings!

Plus, Zoe is going to need alot of attention when you get back. She's not used to giving the servants time off.

Susanne said...

Your work is wonderful, Marcy--so colourful & alive! thanks so much for sharing some of it with those of us who can't get there to see it close up & personal. Cute bunnies, too. Not that I had to add that, of course, because . . . well, they're BUNNIES. Which is, after all, just an alternate way to spell "deliciously cute".