Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Two Rabbit Report

Before I begin, I want you to know that we have not forgotten about the Eat Like A Rabbit Contest. Not in the least.

We know those of of you who entered are anxious.

The hold up is a movie that was entered that won't load for some reason, or can't be shared, or some such. The long and the short of it is that we are having Technical Difficulties. But we will figure it out. And, it will be worth it. It's another great entry.

In the meantime, while you're waiting, we thought you might like a Rabbit Update.

As you know, we are watching Miss Blueberry. Though she and Miss Zoe coexist, I am operating under the following theory: I am not sure that They Believe in One Another.

"Did YOU bring another rabbit into my presence??"

Blueberry loves to be free range in Miss Zoe's room. The Girls spend a lot of their time on opposite ends of the room. Miss Zoe will go about Some Business under the chair, and Miss Blueberry will check out the Chalet. Then, Zoe will decide She wants the Chalet back and as She hops in that direction, Blueberry takes up residence under the chair.

Pretty funny.

Blueberry, under the chair,
awaiting Her turn in the Chalet.

One thing They can agree on is that Cats Annoy Them. They will tolerate them as long as they come in and jump into the window or sit quietly. But the second a cat looks crosswise at a Rabbit, BAM! They get a sharp bite in the butt or a nip on the tail.

They may not believe in One Another, but They can still present a United Front Against Cats.

As for the cats, they just sit outside the Rabbit Room waiting to be let in. Or, they climb in on their own, up and over the Rabbit Gate.

Toby camos his bad self as a Rabbit Toy.
Is it working???

Right now, as I write this, there is a bit of a struggle going on over the Grass Ball Filled With Hay. This is a HOT COMMODITY!!!

Life with Two Rabbits is delightful.

What is delightful in your life today?


StorytellERdoc said...

LOL..too funny. Because of you, we are now looking to add a bunny to our family! sssshhhhhh. We'll see. Miss Zoe and Miss Blueberry, besides having awesomes names, rock! Great post and pics, M!

Emma said...


What is delightful here today?

It's spring-y and I am wearing sandals!

I learned a new way to roast potatoes and it was good!

Kavindra said...

How hilarious bunnies are!

You gals (the human ones) must have an aura of calm that exudes throughout the Lilypad and keeps all these animals in the zone.

Here, at the chaotic Chez Kavindra, I can hear the frenzied yelping of a chihuahua being chased by an angry cat in another room. I am trying Zoe and Blueberry's method, and ceasing to believe in their existence.

But even the hissing and yelping is delightful, since it comes with head butts, ear licks, and frolicking in a yard that was recently covered in snow, and now has tiny crocus popping their heads up ...

Anna-mou said...

Perhaps I too should consider a bunny. They appear to light up one's life quite significantly.

What is delightful here today? The smell of fresh pumpkin fritters coming from downstairs! Now that's a delight.

justmail said...

As I was finishing reading this, I thought how delightful it would be to share the story with a child. They LOVE this stuff. If you write it, I will buy:-)