Monday, March 1, 2010

Entry Number 3

Welcome to Monday!!

Here we are again, yes?

And, here we are, once again, with a new entrant into the Eat Like a Rabbit Contest!!!

(RED ALERT: Only a few days left to enter!!)

Zoe enjoyed the email accompanying the photos enough to simply include it as today's post.


Dear Marcy and Miss Zoe,

I happened upon your blog sometime last fall and have not missed a post since. I am not exactly sure how I came upon it (since I often don’t pop back out of the same rabbit hole that I initially go down), but I was immediately charmed by the adorable Miss Zoe (who wouldn’t?) and her talented mom.

I too waited expectantly for the masses to undertake the “Eat Like a Rabbit” contest. It had not occurred to me to get involved. You see I am not naturally a competitive person - more the spectator type. But then I read today’s post and oh my, yes, well that look on dear Miss Zoe’s face was too much. The thought tapped at the back of my brain – Should I get participate? I pondered the requirements to undertake such a task.


Rabbit ears.


An easily accessible accomplice who is willing to drop everything, at anytime, to eat anything.

It was at that moment that I realized that I was, in fact, in possession of every one of those things! Oh dear, there was only one thing left to do – compete.

So, I present to you “Doodle Dog” who will “Eat Like a Rabbit”.

I wish that these photos could be accompanied by music like Miss Zoe’s videos. So instead, please just imagine some sort of mix between Smooth Jazz and Sesame Street. The attached photos are numbered 1-9. Which now seems like a lot of photos –feel free to edit. p.s. In case you were wondering - I am not Anonymous. As you can see, when it comes to constructing a sentence, I lack Anonymous’ SHEER ABSTRACT GENIUS!

Rebecca and Doodles (who is still waiting for dessert)

The Salad

The Contender!

What is That?

OK, I'll eat it...


Crunch, Crunch

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch!

Go, Doodles Go!

Almost Done!

How about dessert now?

Zoe sends out Her thanks to Rebecca and Doodles for an EXCELLENT ENTRY!!!!

Keep sending your entries!

Make sure to tune in Wednesday fo A BIG RABBIT SURPRISE!!!!! you wonder what that means?

We thought you might.


Kavindra said...

Oh Doodles! You are so adorable. Who knew a dog would look so lovely in rabbit ears?

Hmmm, maybe some mad scientist should concoct a plan to make dogs come out with rabbit ears ... that could be your next contest!!!

Or not ...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love the jaunty little angle at which Doodles' rabbit ears end up after eating the salad!

Emma said...

Don't you love how unique and creative every single entry has been?!!

I'm sure it's just a sign that Ms. Zoe only attracts the most talented, wonderful followers in the world!

Rebecca said...

Doodles would like Marcy and Zoe to know that he was thrilled to be included in today's post. He is very impressed with the other entries in the "Eat Like a Rabbit" contest, and wishes his fellow competitors much luck as they go for the "Gold"!

Brooks Hall said...