Monday, March 22, 2010

News From the Weekend, In Which We Danced, I Painted, and We Learned that Miss Blueberry Can Be Hypnotized

"Brace yourself for the ending..."

Did you have an exciting weekend?

As you can tell from the title of today's post, We DID!

Exciting, that is if you like Dancing, Painting....and Hypnotizing Bunnies.

All of which I enjoy.

Now, you know I'm not much of a dancer. I've discussed that before. The fact that I can move my hips at all is miraculous, let alone the fact that I can move my ribs rather independently of my hips (when, and if, I really concentrate).

And, now, I have officially done those things and more in front of (or more accurately, in back of, since I was the DJ and had to stand in the back of the room by the CD player) a room full of people in the Chick's YogaDance class!! It was amazingly FUN!!!!

So, that was the dancing part.

As for the painting part, I worked on more beer portraits. Truth be told, they are not all beer portraits. Some of them are other things.

The following paintings are not at all finished, but it will give you the idea:

A little Pinot Noir, a little Champagne.....

...and a Gnome with Beer.

And, finally the last part, which was the part in which we learn that Miss Blueberry can be hypnotized.

Are you wondering what that means? In case you're wondering, here is an instructional video that explains and demonstrates the process of Bunny Hypnotizing:

And that's what we did with Blueberry.

We started like this:
You are getting veeeeery, veeeeery sleeeeeeeeeepy.....zzzzzzzzzzz...

And then moved on to this:
Wait-- what's wrong? Did we hypnotize you, too?

Oops, sorry. I'm sure you'll wake up in time for the Important Stuff.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Bunny Girl's camera work is nowhere near as smooth as yours, Marcy, but still -- WOW! bunny hypnotizing is just amazing! I wish I'd known this technique when I had rabbits. It would have made nail clipping so much easier. I used to wrap them securely in a towel for that purpose, but it was a struggle.

StorytellERdoc said...

Your last picture looks uncanningly like me after my last overnight shift in the ER!

Your blog rocks--it cracks me up!

Hope this finds you well, M.

Kavindra said...

Hilarious! Now do Zoe!!

Emma said...

Awwww! I wish I had a bunny to try this on!

Also, GNOME!!

Susanne said...

Hypnotized bunny -- funniest picture ever! And bunny feet!!! Don't you just love bunny feet? Not as delicious as kitty feet (but then, what is?) but close. Delightful, Marcy, as always.

Rebecca said...

You can also hypnotize a bunny by lightly stroking their tummy while they are lying on their back. I was not aware of this method. Interesting!
Our little Buns would seem to not feel well after being hypnotized. But I think she just felt awfully "put out" for being tricked.
Love your artwork!

Anonymous said...

We *totally* used to do a similar kind of hypnotizing with our bunnies when I was a kid!

Very fun :)

Anonymous said...

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