Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cinematic Saturday

A Note From Miss Zoe:

Dear Faithful Readers and Devotees of My Fabulous Films,

I want to apologize for the actions of a certain human living here in this house, who couldn't seem to get herself together enough to produce a Rabbit Movie on the Proper Day of the Week. We, here at Miss Zoe Presents, know how much these movies mean to you. And they should mean a lot to you, after all, because they star....ME!

I would like to thank the Chihuahuas of America for Rabbits for their support in the making of the following film.

As always, thank you for adoring me. It is founded adoration, I assure you.

Also, we would like to dedicate this film to my Rabbit Friend Derby, who had surgery this week. He is doing well, and all of us in the Lilypad are sending him our best wishes. Please do the same. If you know what is good for you. And since you are here to view the Rabbit Movie, you must know what is Good for You.


Miss Zoe, Rabbit Extraordonaire!!


Miss Zoe Presents from marcy hall on Vimeo.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, nice hip HOP moves, Miss Zoe! Your fabulous movie starring YOU was worth the long wait!

Emma said...

Good video! *lick, lick...lick, lick*


Yeah, good stuff...

Rebecca said...

Oh Zoe! Those bunny lips are just adorable!! Great video. Doodles gives it 2 paws up!!

Kavindra said...

See that human messed me all up by switching days! I almost forgot to come back by and see YOU Miss Zoe. I especially would have been upset to have missed the ear washing - to think I may never have seen that particular piece of cuteness, just sends shivers up my spine!

Please, train your human better and make her keep to her schedule!!! I myself am very busy with my own personal assistant duties to a certain chihuahua, but I NEVER forget about your movie schedule ... ahem!

Love, the secretary for "Chihuahuas for Rabbits"

PS best wishes and bunny kisses for your poor little friend.

Art D. said...

Loooooove the crossfade at the end! And thanks for the Derby-Love!