Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bunny Tales

This week is going by fast! It's Wednesday already!

And, of course, it's a short (work) week due to the coming of EASTER! At least it is for me, Government Employee Library Worker Extraordinaire.

I don't know if you recall, but the last 2 years, we have awakened to see the Easter Bunny in our yard on Easter Morning

For those of you who are new to Zoe's and my blog, let us take a moment to hearken back to Easters Past.

Let us revisit Easter, two years ago....

The first Easter Morning that we noticed the famous E.B., He or She (because, doesn't E.B. transcend gender bounds?) was rolling around in our asparagus bed.

That's right. Rolling around.

I woke up that morning, looked out the window, and there was the Easter Bunny, rolling around with wild abandon. Then, E.B. stretched waaaaaaaaay out, from Bunny Fingers to Bunny Toes, yawned a HUGE yawn, and then stayed there in the position we at the Lilypad call, "The Cleopatra Position." Observe:

"The Cleopatra" from the side.
Notice the legs swept out behind.
Hands together.
Serious look.

"The Cleopatra, Birds-Eye-View"

(Note: The Rabbit in the Above Photos is not the Actual Easter Bunny. This is a Re Enactment. Any resemblance to the Actual Easter Bunny is Purely Co-incidental. The Above Rabbit would like to keep Her Identity a Secret.)

The second year we saw the Easter Bunny, the Springtime Icon was frolicking in the front yard. Of course, we knew who it was when on Easter Morning, we looked out and saw...
E.B. having a Moment of Quiet Reflection

Easter Bunny Powers....ACTIVATE!

Of course, we here in the Rabbit Room wonder what this coming Sunday will bring.

Tune in on Easter Sunday for a Special Report from Zoe and Blueberry!

Live from the Lilypad!!!

What about all you out there, faithful readers and Rabbit Supporters.

Any E.B. sightings to report?


Art D. said...

No E.B. sightings yet, but an exhausted Passover Rabbit just flopped in his litter box

Emma said...

Oh, I had (somehow) forgotten about the E.B. sightings! I hope there's another sighting this year!

I haven't seen rabbits of any kind, sadly. SIGH.

Kavindra said...

Yay for short work weeks!
Yay for special reports!
Yay for bunnies in Cleopatra poses!
Yay for chocolate bunnies too!

so, if you do see EB, please send him over here, cause I like chocolate, almost as much as I like bunnies.