Monday, March 15, 2010

Rabbits and Cats Discuss the Seasons

"Ah, my tingling whiskers tell me that Spring is afoot!"

Blueberry is right! Spring is on the way. Only a few more days until Spring is Officially Here. Here in the Rabbit Room, we like to think of Spring as Rabbit Season.


What could be better?

Toby, the mini-cat (who really isn't so mini anymore as some people have very rightfully pointed out) would like to think that Cat Season is better.

I know. Better than Rabbit Season? Well, he's a baby. Cut him some slack.

"When is the Official Cat Season?" he asked Blueberry and Zoe yesterday as he climbed his way over the Rabbit Gate to curl up in the Rabbit Toys and pretend to blend in (side note: video of Toby the mini-cat climbing in and out of the Rabbit Room to come soon!).

Blueberry moved her whiskers from side to side quickly.

"Cat Season??" She said aloud with a laugh. "That's preposterous! There's no such thing as Cat Season!" She turned to Zoe for confirmation.

"HA! Cat Season?? Those aren't words!"

OK, well, I guess you heard it-- right from the Rabbit's Mouth!

Sorry, Mini-Cat. You are cute, though, and that is some consolation. Every Season is Cute Season!

Zoe also wants you to know that the Winner of the Eat Like Rabbit Contest will be announced on Wednesday!! So stay tuned for that. We were waiting for one last entry, if you recall, but that didn't work out, which is too bad, because it was a Very Good Entry.

Our apologies to Stevie, the Guinea Pig, who couldn't enter due to Technical Difficulties.

(Well, at least it wasn't due to steroid use!!!)

Have a wonderful Monday!!!


Linnea said...

I'd hate to think of a guinea pig being disqualified due to steroid use.

I think of late autumn/winter as cat season, because they're live lap throws when they curl up on your lap on a cold evening. (Don't tell of the rabbits I said so, though.) ;-)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, that look of quiet amusement on Miss Zoe's face is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

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Kavindra said...

Wow, this was such a good dispatch that Anonymous was inspired to materialize.

I am materializing myself, just thinking about a guinea pig on steroids. Yikes!!

Anonymous said...

You know what Marcy? I think that you should write a children's book about Miss Zoe and her friend Miss Blueberry. Okay, perhaps the Cats could also make cameo appearances? Nevertheless, I do believe your animals and their adventures are a children's book in the making! :D

Anonymous said...
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Emma said...

Love the pictures, especially!! =D