Friday, March 5, 2010

Flip Friday with Blueberry on Top!



It's also my birthday. Totally inconsequential after that last announcement, I know. That's more of an FYI.

Also, FYI, today is the final day for entries int he Eat Like a Rabbit Contest! Submit now or forever hold your lettuce! Many thanks to the entries already submitted!! It's going to be a tough race!

Today's Rabbit Movie speaks for itself. This movie documents Miss Zoe's first interactions with Her new friend Blueberry. It is like an anthropological study of sorts. A Tale (Tail) of Two Rabbits meeting for the first time. In the movie, you can see Miss Zoe making a valiant attempt to defend her Beloved Willow Chalet.

(Incidentally, Blueberry was not interested in taking Zoe's Chalet. Or storming it. Or anything else that would imply that She was trying to stage a coup of any sort. She is a Very Friendly and Nice Bunny.)

Without further interruption, then, I give you Zoe, Blueberry, and a cameo appearance by Miss Lilly in.... A Tale of Two Bunnies!!

A Tale (Tail) Of Two Bunnies from marcy hall on Vimeo.


Linnea said...

Miss Ashlyn and I would like to wish a happy, happy birthday to Miss Zoe (and, well, to you too, of course). When Ash returns from school she's going to eat Rabbit Crunch for her entry! (We'll be pushed for time this evening, but will find time to photograph her.)

Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthday Marcy and Zoe! Thanks for the delightful video-

Debra She Who Seeks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISS ZOE!! Oh yeah, and you too, Marcy.

just me said...

Happy Birthday Miss Zoe and her person Marcy. If you slow the video down, you can clearly see Miss Zoe drawing a line in the sand in front of her bunny hut! :p

Kavindra said...

I see why you two are such kindred spirits! Same birthday.

Happy Birthday Zoe!

Happy Birthday Marcy!

Now, I always say ...
You can have my lettuce.
You can play with my willow ball.
But DON"T come in my chalet!

PS I think Miss Lily is in love :)

Emma said...

Happy Birthday Big Ear and Little Ear!

What happens at the very end of this movie? Is that a special instant-relaxation-rabbit-rub we see? Wow!

Kirsten Alicia said...

A very happy birthday to Miss Zoe & of course, to you too Marcy. :) Terrific video.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Marcy and Zoe.

I can hear it now "I can't believe they bought me another rabbit for my birthday!!"

If I were you I'd be worried - Mz Zoe is obviously Not Pleased.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Girls!! I hope that all your Birthday Wishes come true. The video was just adorable.

belladawn said...

To fun! I don't think Miss Zoe liked the camera in her face. Paparazzi away.

Happy Birthday to the both of you.

I would like someone to try the rub between the eyes relaxation trick on me. Looks delightful.

The video was superbly done. Keep up the creative work.

Anna-mou said...

Happy birthday to the rabbit and her slave! Have a great day, both of you. ;)