Wednesday, April 8, 2009


But first.. a quick update regarding Monday's post:

Treehousejukebox Emma asked via a comment, "Was the ring found?" (referring of course to the ring that was dropped down the toilet on at the library on Saturday when I was working.)

The answer to that question was almost as amusing as the event itself (though I realize I am easily amused).

When I got to work yesterday, I had received a note re: Restroom Man from our Maintenance Guy that read, "Tell [Restroom Man] to call the Water Waste Treatment Plant and ask them to keep an eye out for his ring."

And I immediately pictured a veritable treasure trove of the items that may wash up at the Water Waste Treatment Plant, and how many guys who work there have girlfriends who have been presented with those "gifts" (or would they be "re-gifts?"). I immediately picture a young man presenting his fiancee with a lovely engagement ring, and she, in her innocence saying, "Oh honey it's lovely! Where did you get it?" and him shuffling his feet around and saying, "Oh, you know. I got my sources..."

"And, again, I say: This is why cats don't wear rings."

Yes, Miss Lilly. We heard you the first time.

In other news... I may or may not have mentioned that I had the opportunity on Sunday to make a bunch of new stuff for:

Along with some cool new pendants, we are introducing(... drum roll, please...)


It's small! It's cute! It's affordable! And Wee!Art is 100% collectible, original paintings by Miss Zoe and me. Sometimes Miss Lilly helps. (For instance, this weekend, she sat on my painting table many-a-time as I worked. For anyone who's unawares, in the Cat World, sitting or standing by constitutes "helping.")

The other cats and the Blisschick just walked by occasionally to offer constructive criticism. Or, to meow. Or, to ask for food.

Wee!Art is just plain FUN!!

And, it's wee.


Emma said...

I guess that's a "no" on the ring!

The love the Wee!Art! I will definitely be buying some of these at some point (hopefully soon)!

Marcy said...

yes, that is a definite "no" on the ring.

glad you like the wee!art. cool ^..^