Friday, April 24, 2009

The Big 5-0!

How fitting that Zoe's and my Fiftieth Blog Post would be Flip Friday and would feature none other than...


It's been a wonderful week here at the Lilypad!

We started our 100 Day Challenge.

We got some garden beds cleaned and ready for seeding veggies for a certain bunny. Oh, and some humans, too.

We heard some wonderful poetry.

And, of course, the weather is warming. And, what does that mean?


I know, I know. You're wondering how many times can I shout "BUNNIES!" in one post.

(Lots of times, let me assure you. I mean, how many times can you shout, "BUNNIES!?!")

Before we get to Miss Zoe, the most Wonderful of All BUNNIES!! (in my opinion of course), I'd like to take a moment to announce the birth of this year's First Outdoor Yard BUNNY!!

She loves you.

She loves you not.

Darn cute, yes?

And of course, Miss Zoe has a new Feature Film, The Life of a Dandelion:

And there you have it!

The perfect end to a most amazing week.


carlikup said...

That was such a cute video!

positively present said...

I just came across your blog from Blisschick and, umm, I love it! :) I love art and I love animals so what could be better than this blog. I love when the weather gets warm and the bunnies start to come out. The best? Seeing a baby bunny. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. They are just the cutest!!

Emma said...

I love this dandecam video! It has all the expected Zoe-ness and also sneak peaks at all the other creatures (including the Blisschick in laptopping mode)!

AND that baby BUNNY is fabulous!!