Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flip Friday on Wednesday?

So, this week I was planning on doing the second ever Flip Friday. You know, using my Flip video camera. Which was, of course, a little something I received early form the Easter Bunny.

(Did I mention that Zoe has connections?)

And, I planned on having this week's Flip Friday be... well.. on Friday.

"But," Zoe said as I excitedly made videos to post on Wednesday instead, "Wednesday is NOT Friday. People will think you've, you know, flipped."

It's very possible that Zoe is right.

But, you see, there was a dilemma here at the home we call Lilypad.

Blisschick and I have been working on an idea for a few weeks that we were planning to announce today. That is, on Wednesday. Let's call it Wacky Wednesday, for the sake of argument.

And then, on Wacky Wednesday IT wasn't weady (sorry-- I mean "ready." I got caught up in the alliteration).

Miss Zoe is clearly showing her annoyance at my substandard performance.
"Flip Friday? Ha!" she is clearly scoffing. "Wacky Wednesday my *beep*!"

Anyhow, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, Miss Zoe and I came to a consensus about posting the Flip Friday videos today and saving the BIG SURPRISE for Friday.

OK, actually, it wasn't much of a consensus, but Miss Zoe is always happy to see herself in the new world of the Motion Picture, so here are two movies for your viewing pleasure:

Hope you enjoy the Wacky Wednesday Double Feature!

And check back on Friday for the other thing.

Really, you need to check back. Miss Zoe knows who you are. And, she knows where you live.

Believe it.


Anonymous said...


My kids Cole and Grace and myself are sitting here laughing hysterically at the Zoe Chewing video. Awesome! It made our morning! Are you a writer as well as a videographer? I think somewhere in your remote past you mentioned being a writer. :)


Emma said...

I love ALL the videos!! (You probably know that by now!) And look at that thumbs! =O

I am excited to learn the secret on Friday!