Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zombie Bunnies?

When I first started writing this blog, the idea was to feature Art and Mammals Everyday.

That has pretty much held true.

Though, lately, I don't feel as though I've been sharing too much Art. It's been Mostly Mammals.

"Really, there's nothing wrong with
Mostly Mammals," says Outdoor Yard Bunny.

I suppose part of the reason is simply that, now that Spring is here, I haven't been working on my own Art as diligently as I do in the Winter. When the Sun comes out, it can be hard for me to be inside Painting and Drawing rather than sitting in the yard watching Birdies. Or planting stuff for Miss Zoe (and Outdoor Yard Bunny) to eat this Summer.

You know how it is.

But, just because I am slacking a bit in this early Spring season, it doesn't mean other people are.

For instance, I got a comment a couple of weeks ago on my Facebook status, which had something to do with (what else?) BUNNIES taking over the world.

[An aside: Imagine a world ruled by BUNNIES. Just for a moment, put yourself in that world. It's so peaceful and soft, and snugly and warm. Ahhh...]

Anyhow, the comments took a turn, somehow, (and who knows how these things happen), to Zombie Bunnies.

One of my Facebook friends, Noreen Finn, who is a local Erie artist whose painting I totally love and admire, responded with a post about her Zombie Bunny Gadget Cozies.

"Wait. Back up. Zombie Bunnies?
I don't really think that's an appropriate topic for discussion.
This blog needs to be stopped if talk has turned that way."

I know, Miss Zoe. But you haven't seen Noreen's Zombie Bunny Gadget Cozy.

A Regular Bunny Gadget Cozy from Noreen's shop.

I think she's fresh out of Zombie Bunnies right now. But, not to worry-- they are custom made! You pick the felt colors! You pick the fur color! Totally Fun!!! You pick the Regular or Zombie Animal of your choice!!! What could be better?

Your iPod told me to tell you that it wants to be zipped into the pink fur of a cozy rabbit. Or an owl. Or a panda.

Check out Noreen's etsy shop, BirdonaFernStudio. Do it now!!!

I don't care what Zoe says. I'm saving up for one.

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Emma said...

That is totally cute. =O