Monday, April 6, 2009

More Hours in the Day, Please!

Weekends just go by too quickly. It's as if they have no regard for us, no regard for our needs.

What is that about?

Of course, I also had to work at the Library on Saturday.

It was a busy day that included a man who was wagging his finger with one hand and a cigar with the other and yelling in what sounded like Klingon at one of computers, (which, incidentally, he wasn't using-- it was just an innocent bystander, poor computer).

It also included terribly long lines at the Circulation Desk, and a lot of grouchy people who were insistent they "they had never checked that out." Riiiiight... then it was either a) your stunt double, or b) your evil twin?

When five o'clock rolled around we were all so relieved.

Security Guard and I waited for the last guy to leave, a man who was using the public restroom in the lobby. Restroom Man.

As we waited, we reviewed the day and decided that we were just glad it was time to go. It was after 5, and it had even been a struggle to corral everyone out with their DVDs and bestseller mysteries.

We caught sight of Restroom Man in the corners of our eyes, and we moved toward the already locked doors to let him out. But, Restroom Man stopped us cold by yelling, panicky, from across the lobby, "Hey! I dropped my ring down the toilet! Could someone get it out for me?"

Security Guard and I exchanged knowing glances and sighed.

It had been that kind of day.

In this case, does Saturday really count as a Sacred Weekend Day?

"That's why cats don't wear rings," Lilly said stretching out her fingers.
"Too easy to lose them in the... you know...the box."

Good point, Lilly. I'll pass that on to Restroom Man.

Luckily, we had Make Your Own Pizza Night at Miss Kitty's house (Miss Kitty being my favorite chef) to look forward to.

There was homemade dough (or, "Ho-made" as the pizza shop down the street used to advertise on their front picture window. We steered clear of that for obvious reasons...), and every topping you could imagine wanting.

After Pizza, there was Americanized Bollywood in the form of Bride and Prejudice and Red Velvet Cake, which I'd never had.

All in all, Saturday ran the gambit.

That left one day only-- Sunday-- for making some new stuff for our new etsy store, petting and playing with mammals, talking to and spending time with the Blisschick, frolicking in the sunshine, making a couple of Rabbit and Cat Movies (stay tuned for those later in the week), catching up on emails, etc. etc. etc.

At some point, Miss Zoe checked my email and said, "Health Coach wrote. He wants to know how the exercise is going."

Oh, yeah. And exercise. Don't forget that. (It was a lovely day for that, though.)

"You'd better get a move on.
Come on-- bust a move!" says the Task Master.

I'm looking forward to this coming weekend, though.

It's an extra special holiday, what with the Giant Bunny and all.

And, no Library for three days. A few days away will be a Good Thing. No grouchy people (I won't promise no grouchy bunnies or kitties), no rings in toilets.

Just Art and Mammals, Everyday. Just like it's supposed to be.


Jennifer Hugon said...

"Just Art and Mammals, Everday. Just like it's supposed to be."

Ain't that the truth! My kitties can't understand why Monday through Friday I don't nap with them or bust out the frolicking. Silly kitties.

Emma said...

So, was the ring retrieved?

Ho-made...haha! :)