Monday, April 13, 2009

Rabbit Redux

It was a bright and sunny morning.

Miss Lilly sat perched on the windowsill, perched on the chair, perched on another windowsill. She was running from window to window, as is usual every morning, trying to get the Best Possible Look at whatever was happening outside.

And what was happening outside, you ask?

Well, yesterday, of course, was Easter Sunday. The past couple of years, we here at Lilypad, have had Easter Bunny sightings. Two years ago, he was lying in our backyard, stretched in the garden bed taking a leisurely bath (after a hard night's work, no doubt).

Last Easter morning, we looked out in the backyard while making breakfast, and there he was again, sitting upright in the midst of the rising tulips looking like A Star.

This morning, while I was in the kitchen feeding Miss Rosie (who incidentally was not in the Easter Spirit of Mercy and Compassion), I gazed longingly out the window.


No bunny.

I walked myself back upstairs to see my own beautiful bunny, a little disappointed, I must admit, though Miss Zoe was understanding...

"Understanding? Is that what you think?
Am I not your Easter Bunny?"

(At least, I thought she was understanding.)

(And yes, Miss Zoe. You are MY Easter Bunny. Even so.)

About an hour later, as the Blisschick was drying her hair in preparation to head to Easter Mass, she looked out the window and said, "Well, that's what Lilly's so excited about-- look outside."

Miss (Easter) Lilly on the lookout
for the Easter Bunny.

And so, I looked out into the front yard and...

There he was!!!

In all his glory. Miss Lilly and I sat watching for a few minutes before he ran across the street in search, I'm sure, of a resting spot without a leering cat. Or the paparazzi.

So, that was this year's sighting. It's quite a tale.

The Easter Bunny running away from my terrible pun.

Little does anyone suspect...
Miss Emmie is the Real Easter Bunny!!
No one ever suspects the cat (mwa-ha-ha!!)

See you again next year, Easter Bunny!! Thanks for the visit!!


Emma said...

Awww, there's a full complement of fuzziness is this post! :)

Yay for the Easter Bunny!

Anonymous said...

what a fabulous easter bunny - not like those skinny little young ones in the back yards hehe!