Monday, February 15, 2010

A Very Happy Bunny

Look at the Smile on this Rabbit!!

Miss Zoe is Very Happy this morning!

Oh, wait. What?

You want to know why?

Why what?

OOOOHHHHH!!!! You want to know why Miss Zoe is Happy?

OK, here, she will show you why.

Can you see the Happiness emanating
from This Very Bunny???

Now you know what you need to do!!

Our sincerest thanks to the Great and All Powerful Kavindra, who has forged the way for you and Hundreds of Others to enter Zoe's Eat Like a Rabbit Contest!!

A note to readers: This entry shows some real gumption in its willingness to eat paper lettuce. Zoe encourages you to eat actual lettuce if at all possible. She, herself, would never eat paper lettuce even in the worst storm, as She has human minions to ferry her such things from the Whole Foods Coop. But She authorizes you to do Whatever It Takes to Win in this potentially Cut Throat Contest. And, She would like to say that She admires Kavindra's ingenuity and creativity in a dire situation in which she was OUT OF LETTUCE!!!!!

At any rate, this was a great show put forth by Kavindra. The added benefit is that you now also know what her Wild, Angry Rabbit face looks like. You know, in case you're up against her in some sort of eating competition in the future. If I saw her begin to make that Wild Rabbit Face, it would make me think twice about taking her lettuce! That is fierce!!!

Of course Zoe would just take it.

(Sorry, Kavindra, but I don't think you'd even put up a half-hearted fight in the presence of the Actual Miss Zoe.)

So, now, let's see some more entries!! You do want to see Miss Zoe keep smiling, don't you?

Well, yes. I thought so.

Have a great Monday!


Emma said...

How wonderfulllllllllll!

That was so fun! A most excellent entry!!

(And I definitely will not be messing with Kavindra the Wild, Angry Rabbit!!)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love Kavindra's sock bunny ears and the virtual salad is pure genius! Oh, she has set the bar very high indeed.

Kavindra said...

Any day I can make Zoe smile is a day well spent indeed.

And you're right ... if Zoe wanted my salad, I would put it on a gold platter and serve it to her in bed. She is the Queen, after all.

Anonymous said...

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